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Sharen Wilson

Tarrant County District Attorney

Warren's been reliably serving this community for more than two decades and has earned our trust to represent Tarrant County values in the Senate.

Derrick Wilson

Former President of Tarrant County Young Republicans

“I will be supporting Warren Norred for Texas Senate in SD10. I have watched for years as Mr. Norred has fought for the conservative cause with an effectiveness that actual elected officials couldn’t muster. If his performance as an activist is any indication, Mr. Norred will make a phenomenal Senator.

Furthermore, I have noted Mr. Norred’s accessibility and sincerity, as well as his ability to be steadfast and assertive for the conservative cause without losing tact or rationality. These are qualities of an excellent representative and statesman.

I encourage my fellow Republicans to support him in any way they can - votes especially, but donations and volunteer time as well. Please reach out to me (I’ll connect you with someone), Christi Clanton or his campaign page to see how you can help!”

Pete Wrench

Former Johnson County GOP Chairman

“Some politicians might be surprised to know it, but the purpose of the Republican Party is to elect men and women to public office who believe in our platform principles and are willing to fight for them and implement them into law. Many elected officials believe but don’t fight, sadly some of them neither believe nor fight. I have known Warren Norred for over 25 years, since we were both Young Republicans. Like Ted Cruz and some of our other Republican stalwarts, who never flinch when asked to fight for our platform, time and time again, and at the sacrifice of his own time and treasure, Warren has proven that he is unafraid to do so, regardless of the opponent or the odds. I admire that about him and encourage all ‘believers’ to vote for a true fighter, Warren Norred.”

Maggie Clapton Wright

Grassroots Leader for Sen. Ted Cruz Campaign, Johnson County Activist

“I, Maggie Clopton Wright, endorse Warren Norred for TX Senate district 10.
I have known Warren Norred since I worked along side other grassroots activists to get Ted Cruz elected to US Senate in 2012.
Warren is a TRUE conservative and man of his word. You can count on Warren to defend the Constitution and listen to “We The People”. He has worked alongside the grassroots to get true conservatives elected and has fought legal battles for the grassroots. I will do all I can to get Warren Norred elected!

Shannon Dubberly

Tarrant County GOP Treasurer, Keller City Councilman

“I wholly endorse Warren for Texas Senate District 10!”

Jill Glover

SREC SD-12, Chair of the Legislative Priorities Committee

“I have served with Warren on the State Republican Executive Committee, and I am pleased and excited to support him for Texas State Senate. Warren is a conservative who will put liberty principles first, respecting our God given Constitutional rights. Warren will not be bought by special interests but instead thoughtfully and strongly represent the voters of his district as well as the people of the great state of Texas!”

Peter Schroer

Precinct Chair Dallas County 3308

“I have served with Warren on the State Republican Executive Committee, and I am pleased and excited to support him for Texas State Senate. Warren is a conservative who will put liberty principles first, respecting our God given Constitutional rights. Warren will not be bought by special interests but instead thoughtfully and strongly represent the voters of his district as well as the people of the great state of Texas!”

Bobby Lindamood

Mayor Pro Tem Colleyville

“I fully endorse Warren Norred not only because of his love for serving others but also for his true patriotism when it comes to protecting our Constitution. Warren exemplifies the qualifications of what it takes to lead our community with compassion and heart. I’m proud to give my endorsement to Mr. Norred without hesitation.”

Kent Grusendorf

Former State Representative HD-94

“Warren Norred will be a great Texas senator. He has the wisdom and passion necessary to achieve great things for Texas!”

Delores Pell

Board of Directors - Republican Women of Arlington

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse the candidacy of Warren Norred for SD10. I do this not just because of Warren’s obvious attributes and qualities such as having a beautiful family, a successful law practice, his community involvement or his tenure serving on the State Republican Executive Committee, I am endorsing Warren because I am looking for a fighter, a defender of our liberties that our founders envisioned, and Warren Norred is that fighter, that defender of liberty needed in these perilous times.”

Anne Coker

Vice President of Arlington Republican Club

“In Austin, he will be a fearless fighter for Texas and We the People."

Tammy Nakamura

Colleyville City Council - Place 1

“Warren will stand up to the government overreach and the many regulations that are crippling our state and the very people it represents. He will be there when the tough decisions need to be made. That, and so much more, is why I give him my full and enthusiastic endorsement!”

Dr. Robin Armstrong

Texas Republican National Committeeman

"Warren is a true conservative, who will fight for Senate District 10.”

Lisa Katniss Grimaldi

Tarrant County GOP Precinct Chair - Precinct 4429

“Warren has been a proven Conservative fighter. While others just talk about change, Warren goes out and makes it happen. I proudly endorse him!”

Natalie Cato

Tarrant County GOP Precinct Chair - Precinct 2524

“Not only is Warren brilliant and well-qualified for this position - he is a fighter for Conservative values and stands up for what’s right, even if he’s standing alone. In the present cancel culture we live in today, Warren isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He knows he’s speaking the truth.”


Former Judge on the Tarrant County Criminal Court and TFRW Resolutions Co-Chair

“SD-10 will be in great hands!”

Fran Rhodes

Texas Republican National Committeewoman

“Warren has impressed me with his common sense, liberty based solutions to problems both legal, and political.”

David Wylie

State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 12

“Ever since working to get Dick Army into office the first time, I’ve watched Warren lead from the frontlines on conservative issues.”

Hon. Raul Gonzalez

Arlington City Councilman District 2

Matthew Mills

Hood County Attorney

Shannon Wood

TCC Board of Trustees District 2

“Warren has been a tireless and strong voice for conservative Republican issues for many years.”

The Honorable Angela Powell

Plano ISD Board of Trustee, Place 2

Hon. Roy English

Former Tarrant County Judge

“Warren is a champion of individual freedom and limited government. We need him now!”

Jesse D. Johnson

Mayor, Pro-Tem Crowley

"Warren will be effective from the start and move our party platform to the forefront."

Eric Mahroum

Former Senior Advisor Trump Administration

"As a State Senator Warren will take the fight to Austin to ensure pro-Texas and pro-conservative legislation is passed."

Community Leaders

Patty Williams

Former Johnson County GOP Chariman

“I support Warren because he thinks like I do - less government, lower taxes, and supports life. He’s getting in the race to get things done!”

Nick Adams

Nick Adams is a best-selling author, commentator, and presidential appointee serving President Trump's Whitehouse

“Warren Norred is a great patriotic fighter, who would make a tremendous addition to the Texas Senate.”

Jennifer Treger

Plaintiff Against FWISD in Mask Mandate Fight

“I fully support Warren Norred for Texas Senate. He is a man of character and integrity, and helped lead the fight for FWISD parents to have the choice to mask their children. He has represented the conservative values my family holds dear and I know he will do the same for the citizens of Texas.”

Julie McCarty

Founder & CEO of True Texas Project

“People ask me all the time to endorse their campaigns… people I don’t know and have never heard of but who claim to believe in what I believe in and who promise to fight for what I fight for. How am I supposed to trust a johnny-come-lately with no skin in the game? I can interview and give my best guess, but honestly, it’s always a gamble. Not so with Warren Norred. Warren has been fighting alongside all the activists we know and love for years. He has a proven track record of not caving under pressure. He’s passionate and well-spoken about conservative principles. In short, he won’t just talk the talk. This one is a no-brainer. My endorsement goes to Warren Norred for Texas State Senate District 10.”

Cathie Adams

Former Chair of Republican Party of the State of Texas, currently 1st VP of the Eagle Forum

“I am happy to endorse Warren because he is a dependable Conservative.”

Rick & Dena Hazen

Johnson County Business Owners

Moody & Emily Alexander

Business Owners and Community Leaders

"We trust Warren to speak truth in Austin, to stay true to his values, to speak up for the voiceless and to represent our community."

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