How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife?

How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife
Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife – It’s worth mentioning that there’s a challenge that you can complete by going to law school. The pre-requisites are fairly easy:

Make a female character that’s born in California.Join a sorority.Own a chihuahua and call it Bruiser.Attend law school with 100% looks.

The sorority initiation is something that you will get offered if you have enough Smarts and Looks during your academic endeavors. Looks are boosted in the gym, by doing cosmetic treatments, and surgeries, etc. You can find a chihuahua in a pet shop, animal shelter, or from a dog breeder.

What is the best university major in Bitlife?

What are the best BitLife jobs and careers? –

ActorMusicianSupermodelLobbyistFinancial AnalystStockbroker

Generally speaking, the best BitLife jobs and careers are those that pay the most—so fame-focused roles like Actor or Musician. Neither is particularly easy to get into, though. You’ll need to train for years before you make it in the music industry, and being an actor requires a certain set of skills as well.

Read more: our BitLife actor and BitLife singer guides

If a job involving fame sounds like too much work, though, there are some outside of the creative arts that can pay quite generously. We recommend looking into the Lobbyist, Financial Analyst, and Stockbroker jobs. However, you’ll need a university degree for these, either in finance or business.

What should I go to college for in Bitlife?


University majors Higher education
Criminal justice, Philosophy, Political science Graduate, Law
Biology, Chemistry, Physics Graduate, Dental, Medical, Pharmacy, Veterinary
Nursing Dental, Medical, Nursing
Psychology Graduate, Medical

Why am i unqualified for law school in BitLife?

How to Get Accepted Into Law School in BitLife – How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Before you can get accepted into law school, you must first attend university. Once your character turns 18 and graduates high school, you can either apply for university or take time off. Choose to attend university and pick a major such as English, Political Science or History.

What should I study to become lawyer at BitLife?

How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife – How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife When creating a new character, ensure you have high smarts stats before continuing. While it is possible to increase your smarts by reading books, being smart at a young age will make the process easier. From here, age up until you graduate from secondary school.

Choose to attend university after graduating and pick Criminal Justice as your major. Although others are also acceptable, this is the safest option and will increase your chances of getting into law school later. If you do not immediately find Criminal Justice as an option, age up or restart your BitLife app.

After graduating with a criminal justice degree, seek higher education by applying for law school. As long as you went for criminal justice or a related field and maintained your smart stats, you should not run into too many issues with acceptance. Additionally, if you still have high smarts, you should get a scholarship to pay for both university and law school.

Is BitLife OK for 7 year olds?

Is BitLife safe for kids? – The themes brought up across gameplay in BitLife are inappropriate for very young children, and most teenagers, However, if you are a parent of young adults or older teenagers, you may decide that playing BitLife could be an opportunity for you as a family to discuss some of the themes the app brings up.

What is the earliest age you can dropout of school in BitLife?

Does BitLife have Parental Controls? – What’s the appeal? Honestly, this game is boring. There are no images besides the icons for choosing the activities you want to participate in. You start your life by being born, then eventually you start elementary school.

There is an option to drop out of school at the ripe old age of 5 (though my parents wouldn’t let me). You can drop out of high school at 15 years old. You can choose to make regular doctor visits, go to the movies, go to the library, meditate, and go on vacation (if you have the money). Again, there are no images.

A prompt will show up stating the outcome of that choice. Sometimes you are diagnosed with something. Sometimes you meet someone at the library and have to decide whether to ask them out. But there are still plenty of adult themes. Once you turn 13 years old, you can pick your sexual orientation (straight, bisexual, or gay) and find a significant other.

Once you have a significant other, there is the option to find a threesome. Sometimes your partner will get mad at you and then you have to choose whether to fight or apologize. There is also an option to have a one night stand. There will be a prompt as to whether to use a condom. Just beware, you could get an STD or become pregnant if female.

There is a high likelihood that if you are in a heterosexual relationship, then you will become pregnant or get your girlfriend pregnant. Once you turn 18 all of the activities are available to you. For example, you can commit a crime like grand theft auto (I was able to successfully steal a VW Beetle), pick pocket (I got $3 for pick pocketing a hippie), or murder. How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Some other choices you can make are your career (though you do have to be qualified). Most of the careers are fine like firefighter, teacher, doctor, etc. However, you can choose exotic dancer and porn actor. You can also choose to have plastic surgery if you have the money (the options are specific to male and femalethe screenshot below is for female but males can choose to get penis enlargement surgery). How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Throughout the game, there will be random prompts that come up. For example, we were asked to deliver a duffel bag of unknown substance to Canada for $6,000. Another time, we were asked whether we wanted to try drugs. If you get caught doing illegal things, sometimes you will be caught and sent to jail (where you can attempt to escape or start a riot) or you will get off free (like when we stole that car).

There are also times where the game will ask you if you want to assault someone. You can go to jail for this too. Hidden browser doorways. Not that we could find. BUT, there are links to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube in the BitLife Community tab. Note – you can block sites like Reddit or Twitter using the “NEVER ALLOW” option in Apple’s Screen Time or on Family Link on Google, if you follow their instructions.

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Related Post: How to set up Apple Screen Time Privacy. The app does not collect any personal information from you unless you become a Bitizen for $1.99. Then it will go through the payment of either the App Store or Google Play. However, it does collect device type, date, time, and behavior within the app.

They also use third-party apps to collect information about your use of the app and other sites or apps (privacy policy here ). Advertisements. There is always an ad at the bottom of the screen (usually for another game). Whenever you go to the movies as one of your activities, it will cut to an ad video.

Let’s just say that I was glad my older kids were in school and my youngest was napping. Some of the ads are definitely for 18+.

Does craziness matter in BitLife?

Pet Stats –

Relationship Health Happiness Smarts Craziness – A very crazy pet could attack you more often, attack other pets, or attack other people. It is more likely to be mauled to death by a crazy pet and have other pets get that fate, Exotic animals are more likely to be crazy.

What age can you commit a crime in BitLife?

How to Become a Mafia Boss in BitLife – Before becoming a Mafia Boss, you’ll have to join the mafia. To do this, create a new character and see if there is a gun beside their name. If there is, your character’s special talent is crime-related. While this is not required to join the mafia, it’ll help you later.

After making your character, age up until they unlock crime in the Activities menu. Until your character turns 18, commit petty crimes to catch the attention of the various organized crime syndicates in the game. Some easier crimes include shoplifting, burglary, bank robbery, and grand theft auto. If the police catch you at any point, you can close and re-open the BitLife app or cooperate with the arrest.

Related : What are the Chances of Winning the Lottery in BitLife? – Answered Continue aging up until your character turns 18 years old. Once they do, head into the Special Careers and choose the crime syndicate of your choice. After joining, you’ll initially start as an Associate but will have the opportunity to climb the ranks.


The best and primary way you’ll reach the top in the mafia is by committing more crimes. In particular, your objective is to make as much money as possible while increasing your notoriety. Generally, you’ll commit crimes such as Extortion, Bank Robbery and Grand Theft Auto to raise money easily and snag attention from your superiors.

How do I become a judge or lawyer in BitLife?

How do I Become a Judge in BitLife? – Becoming a Judge can be a truly painful endeavor for many, given that it is a career that takes decades of work just to get started. Of course, naturally, you need to max out your Smarts as early as possible. If your character receives low Smarts at birth (meaning that RNGesus has failed you), you ought to just reroll the entire character and save yourself time.

Related: How to Become a Dentist in BitLife It is very important to study a lot to maintain your academic course, visit the library as much as necessary, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We already mentioned that it takes decades to become a Judge, so it is an optimal strategy for your character to have a long life span to actually perform the role.

Once you graduate from High School, you must go to a college. Make sure to pick “Criminal Justice” as your major. If it’s not on the list, restart the game to “shuffle” the choices. When you successfully finish college, you must apply to a Law School (and having Criminal Justice is exactly what’s going to bring you to it).

  • Related: How to Get 100% Looks in BitLife When you are done with Law School, you must find a job in the profession.
  • Being a Junior Associate should be good enough for starters.
  • You will need to work a lot to get your first promotion, so consider this as a stepping stone towards the mountain top.
  • Take the Lawyer role when it’s offered to you and grind it for three decades.

After you have concluded three decades of your Lawyer career, you might get a job offer to be a Magistrate. This is the last step before becoming a Judge. It depends on how good you are as a Magistrate, but on average you should be getting a promotion offer within a few years.

What should I take to BitLife university for law school?

Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife Make a female character that’s born in California. Join a sorority. Own a chihuahua and call it Bruiser. Attend law school with 100% looks.

WHAT A levels should I pick if I want to be a Lawyer?

What A-level subjects are needed or essential for law? – None, generally speaking! While law is a subject available at A-level, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that you don’t have to have take it in order to progress onto a law degree later – this is normally open to you with any A-levels.

  1. That said, some universities may require one or two specific subjects to be in your A-level line-up.
  2. See our section on law entry requirement examples below, or search for a course now to check what specific universities are asking for.
  3. That A-level law isn’t a must-have according to universities’ entry requirements is good news if you’re not 100% certain that it’s the degree path you want to pursue (or if you change your mind by the time you apply to university), as it means you can keep your A-level choices open rather than restrict them in order to meet any law course entry requirements.

You can still take A-level law to get a feel for what the subject involves before committing to study it for three years at degree-level – but don’t feel like you’ve missed your chance of applying to a law degree if you didn’t study it at A-level. Learn more about what universities think of A-level law,

Certain A-level choices can help prepare you for law at degree level – this includes A-level law itself, as well as A-level English (which is why some universities ask for this as a required or preferred subject). These may give you an edge over other applicants in this competitive subject area. We’d recommend searching for and comparing law courses to get a rough idea of what universities are looking for.

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Students who want to take law are often told to study the likes of English literature and law at A-level, but I personally think people should study what they like and are good at. Law students don’t have to study law beforehand. I think English and history probably help in the sense that they refine your essay writing skills.

What is inappropriate BitLife?

Think it would be fun to live someone else’s life? The BitLife app guides players on a simulated life from birth to death. Players make text-based choices, which can promote safe or risky lifestyles. It’s rated for people 17 and older, but the BitLife app is wildly popular among younger users.

What is the youngest death in BitLife?

Mauled by an exotic pet – If the player is mauled by their pet tigers, lions etc. many times due to them training it or lecturing it, the player will die. It is also possible, but much less common, for a character to die by being attacked by a more domesticated pet, like a cat or dog, but usually this happens only if their pet has high craziness.

What is the oldest you can be in BitLife?

How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Playing as different characters in BitLife is a great way to kill time. Unfortunately, though, they will not live forever. Despite this, there are ways you can try to keep your characters alive a little longer. If you’re lucky, you may even live to over 120 years old and get some achievements! This guide will teach you how to live a long life in BitLife,

Can you date minors in BitLife?

Dating a minor – This happens if the player’s age is beyond the age of consent and/or the person they are trying to date is less than the age of consent (it varies by country). The game will warn you before you try to date them. This crime is no longer possible to commit on both platforms due to the controversy it created.

What is a 500 year generation in BitLife?

List of Achievements

Achievement Description How to Achieve
Strong Genes Achieve a 500-year generation Have Generations that add up to 500+ years
Long Lineage Achieve a 1000-year generation Have Generations that add up to 1000+ years
Living Legacy Achieve a 5000-year generation Have Generations that add up to 5000+ years

What’s the youngest age you can make love in BitLife?

Options – Birth Control (only if your partner is female) – Your character will ask their partner to go on birth control or stop taking it. They may agree or refuse. You or your partner must be at least 14 years old to go on birth control. Break Up/Divorce – Your character will break up (if unmarried) or divorce (if married) with their partner.

When divorcing, you will be told how much to pay or collect if you or your spouse owes money. Sometimes you may be told there is no amount to settle the divorce if you have a prenup signed or if you decide not to bother with a prenup because the partner refused to sign it. Make Love – Your character will make love with their partner.

Otherwise, they may refuse. Sometimes, the female partner will get pregnant. This can be prevented with Birth Control. In Android, this option was previously called called Baby and its purpose was just to have a baby with the partner and had no minimum age requirement.

It was replaced with making love in March 2020. In all countries, the minimum age for making love is 16. You cannot make love if your partner is 16 but you are not 16 yet. However you can still make love if you are 16 but your partner is 15 or under. Following the November 2019 update, your partner may wish to save their virginity for marriage and you can decide can respect that, argue with them, propose to them, or decide that that is your wish too.

Propose – Your character will propose to your partner. They may reject or accept the proposal. If accepted, you will be engaged. If rejected, your lover’s relationship will go down. Otherwise, your character’s partner might propose to you, with the option to accept or reject the proposal.

Following the March 2020 update, partners may now propose with rings. Previously, there was a bug where you could buy a ring as young as 10 by clicking on “Go ring shopping first”, but it was later fixed. Same-sex couples may get engaged in countries where same-sex marriage is illegal, but they may not marry.

Cancel Engagement – Your character will call off their engagement with a partner. This may happen also if you try to make them sign a prenup but they refused. Wedding – Your character will plan their wedding with their partner. You must be engaged and at least 18 in order to get married (If you click the “Wedding” button if under 18, it will say “Eager beaver.

You are not old enough to get married.”). If you are in a same-sex relationship, you can marry your partner in countries where it is legal (If you attempt to do so where it is illegal it says “You are not allowed to marry your fiancé(e), (Name). Same-sex marriage is not permitted in (Country).”). When marrying, you can choose where to get married and where to go for your honeymoon.

Before marrying, you may make your partner sign a prenup or not. They may agree or refuse. If they refuse, the relationship bar will lower. Renew Vows – Your character may renew their wedding vows. This can be done only if you are married. The partner may agree, increasing their relationship, or refuse, lowering it. How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Ask out – Your character can ask out anyone at their school, workplace, or friends that they still keep in contact with. They may accept or refuse. Those from childhood school are more likely to break up with the character later on. How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife An example of the children. Children can be the main character’s blood children or get adopted by the character (Step Children). They are ordered from the oldest to youngest living child. If a child is adopted, they will be ordered at the time they were adopted regardless of if they are older or younger than other children.

If a female lover gets pregnant when cheating on you, and you are not the biological father, the baby will be shown as adopted. When they are babies, your character will give them a name and decide their last name (male partners may get angry if you are female and choose your own last name). For the first child, you can also choose whether to vaccinate them (presumably, this choice is applied to all children).

If the child is male, you can also decide whether to circumcise them. Similar to the Kidnapping scenario of spouses and pets, there is a Choking scenario where a child is dangerously choking on food and your character may either call an ambulance, perform the Heimlich maneuver, or sit and watch.

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List of things children do when misbehaving
  • Steals your credit card to buy items
  • Sticks gum in someone else’s hair
  • Pees on things in your house
  • Starts a food fight in your house
  • Sprays you with a garden hose

What major should I choose BitLife?

How To Become A Fire Chief In BitLife – If you want to become a Fire Chief in BitLife, you will need to trigger the fire department career. Choose one of the Fire Departments available in your city and apply for a Firefighter position. In order to get a promotion, you will need to work hard for a couple of years.

This is how you will progress: firefighter, fire equipment operator, then lieutenant, then captain, battalion chief, assistant chief and, finally, fire chief. In order to attain your goal, there are several aspects you should keep in mind. Under this scenario, stats are crucial. Your character should have over 85 in health, happiness, and smartness.

Otherwise, you should consider starting over. How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife During your high school years, make sure to visit the library each year and meditate. When you graduate from high school, you will have 2 options: seek university education or ‘College is not for me’. You should definitely go for the second option and then apply for a community college.

When you graduate from the community college you will be asked again to seek higher education or find a job. This is the right moment to go to university and choose subjects such as Engineering. After you graduate from university, you will have the possibility to look for a job. Check the job listings and see if the firefighter position is available.

If it’s not, make sure to check the listings every year until it becomes available. While you are waiting, you can earn a living by working as a Factory Worker. And this is where our BitLife careers guide comes to an end. We hope our tips will help you achieve the job you are dreaming of! If you are aware of any other valuable tips that might help players land their ideal job, don’t hesitate to share them with all of us!

What should I major in to be a BitLife doctor?

How to Be a Doctor in BitLife – One does not simply walk into the shoes and gloves of a surgeon – you need to go a long way before you get a job as a Doctor. Of course, you need to roll a character with decent Smarts so that you do not need to waste (much) time in the Library.

Ideally, max out the stat. As for the education you need, you should, of course, graduate from High School first. Related: How to Become a Nun in Bitlife You’re gonna be hitting the books again, as your destination is University. Keep in mind that you might need to do some side hustling, borrow money, or get lucky on a lottery to fund your tuition(s) unless you are the best of the best to earn a scholarship.

You must major in either Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology. If none are available, restart the application so that the RNGesus shuffles your choices, until you get one of these. Once you’re done with the University, your next stop is Medical School. In it, you need to push as hard as possible in your studies, keep your Smarts high, and after about half a decade, you will be able to apply for a Physician, Doctor, Surgeon, or Pharmacist job.

What should I major in to become BitLife president?

How to Get Elected as a President of the United States in BitLife – Apart from the paywall with a price tag of $4.99 for BitLife Premium (or as it’s called, Bitizenship) that must be paid in order to even have a chance to be elected as the President, there are a plethora of other factors that must be fulfilled. How To Get Into Law School On Bitlife Screenshot by Prima Games Related: How to Become a Dentist in Bitlife The “other” factors that you must fulfill in order to run for President are as follows:

Your character needs to be a US citizen. If they didn’t get this when they were born, reroll until you do to save yourself the trouble.They must have high Looks and Smarts. These severely impact your character’s chances of being elected and you should aim to be as popular as you can.Speaking of popularity, you also need to be well-known. Being big on social media is one of the paths for this to happen.Your character must to be “of age” to run for President. In BitLife, this means that you need to be at least 35 years old.You simply NEED to be politically active as soon as possible. Try to undertake every possible political function that you can get your hands on, even if your first one is being a School Board Director (Principal). It also goes without saying that you should enroll in Political Sciences, and if not, then Law or Business should do fine. After all, you will need money for the campaigns. There is a cost of a minimum of $10,000 to even start running for President, but honestly, a million dollars would be a better bet and would cover a lot of costs. If you do not manage to be successful in getting into the elections, just restart your game because it’s chance-based. It might also be helpful to run for Mayor or Senate beforehand as it will serve to establish your political career better and you would progress to the President role more naturally.Once your campaign starts, you will have a couple of indicators if you are doing well or not. This is very important as you want to do everything in your power to win the hearts and minds of your potential voters.Do not break the law or get in any trouble. Your past can and will haunt you.Do not allow yourself to lose Health and to have increased Stress, it might lead to your downfall.Be socially active, be a guest on talk shows and podcasts, do commercials, hold speeches, or marry a royalty member to boost your chances.