What Is Mba Law?

What Is Mba Law
MBA in Law is a postgraduate business management course involving concepts of commercial laws associated with an organization, firm or industry. The covers a study of the various lawsuits that form part of the legal machinery of the corporate world besides covering advanced concepts in both public and private law.

  • This is a 2- year-long course that follows the basic rules of a management course, spread over 4 semesters.
  • The average fees charged in India for pursuing this course ranges between INR 3 to 8 Lacs, varying according to the difference in institutes providing it.
  • As a minimum criterion of eligibility for pursuing this course, the candidate must be a graduate in any disciple from a recognized college with a minimum aggregate score of 50%, with preference given to a bachelor’s degree in Business Law.

Additionally, candidates need to qualify any of the relevant exams for admission, namely CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP etc. A college may also have its own exam conducted on the State level. Learn about PGDM In Law by AIIM The average salary offered in India to successful postgraduates of the course lies between INR 4 and 10 Lacs annually for freshers, depending on the reputation of the college and the skills of the candidate.
Introduction – Law and business are more interconnected than ever. As we move forward lawyers will need to have deeper business insights with an understanding of corporate strategies, marketing, finance, operations and human resource management, organizational dynamics, business risks and compliance requirements.

They need to have appropriate soft skills and inputs for emotional intelligence for achieving better application orientation with quality and speed of deliverable. More and more corporations have turned to lawyers to serve as CEOs or in other business roles, especially when the firms operate in highly regulated markets.

NMIMS, School of Business Management has developed a two year MBA program to address the needs of students interested in business and law. MBA (Law) bridges the knowledge gap by bringing management and law together. All the MBA courses teach management skills but they remain lacking in the knowledge of Corporate, IPR, Cyber and Commercial Laws.

In the current scenario, more mergers and acquisitions are taking place and a mere law graduate or a mere MBA graduate may not be capable to handle such cases. SBM, NMIMS’ MBA (Law) Program is the first program of its kind in the nation. It equips its students for success, whether they aspire for leadership in business and know the value of legal expertise, or whether they’re primarily interested in a career in law but seek a solid foundation in management.

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There are several advantages of having leaders with a lawyer’s eye for detail and a manager’s understanding of the business process in an organization. A few of the benefits to the organization enlisting the services of leaders of such background are:

  • Reduction in external legal spending.
  • Better management of the in-house legal department.
  • Risk management.
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Leadership which can understand the changing needs of the business in a highly dynamic global scenario

What is a BA Law degree?

Then we come to an interesting degree under BA stream. That is BA Law. BA Law is otherwise known as Bachelor of Arts in Law. As you can see, BA Law is an Arts stream degree. What is important to note in a BA Law degree is that it offers an opportunity for students to learn law not as if they are going to pursue a career in law.

What is the scope of BA Law?

What is BA? – On other hand, BA is otherwise known as Bachelor of Arts, As you can see, BA is an Arts stream degree. It is considered more traditional in nature and the subjects prescribed to study are mostly traditional too. The practical aspect of the subject may not be stressed.

  • The student need not submit a dissertation too at the end of the course.
  • However, this depends on the course the student is following.
  • Not having to submit a dissertation is applicable to general BA degree courses.
  • In BA special degree courses, you have to submit a dissertation.
  • The duration of a BA general degree is three years.

For a special degree, this is four years. However, depending on the country that offers BA degrees, this duration can vary. BA is a degree awarded to the students in various disciplines. Some of those disciplines are history, geography, English, other languages, economics, philosophy, sociology, and the like. What Is Mba Law University of Oxford offers BA. Then we come to an interesting degree under BA stream. That is BA Law. BA Law is otherwise known as Bachelor of Arts in Law, As you can see, BA Law is an Arts stream degree. What is important to note in a BA Law degree is that it offers an opportunity for students to learn law not as if they are going to pursue a career in law.

  1. In other words, BA Law offers the students an opportunity to study law as an academic discipline, not because they wish to pursue a career in law.
  2. They can, of course, go for a career in law if they want to.
  3. BA Law course allows the student to study law as the major subject while they can also follow non-law subjects.
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They can spend up to one-third of their time to study these non-law subjects. Duration of a BA Law degree is also three years.

What is the difference between LLB and BA?

A BA Law degree is considered an alternative degree that complements an LLB degree. It serves as a foundation on which your knowledge of Private Law, Constitutional Law, Customary Law and the South African legal system can be built. Is LLB better than BA?

What is the duration of BA Law?

What is the difference between LLB and BA? – • LLB stands for Bachelor of Laws or as the Latin word stands Legum Baccalaueus. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. So, BA Law means Bachelor of Arts in Law. • BA can be completed in 3 years. However, if you are following a BA special degree, the time duration can be 4 years.

  • BA Law degree is also of 3 years duration.
  • Traditionally, the time duration for LLB is 3 years.
  • However, this can change.
  • This variation happens depending on the country.
  • Let us first see about Australia.
  • If it is offered as a first degree; that is, if it is directly offered after secondary education, then the duration is four years.

If it is a graduate degree program that requires prior law education, then the duration is three years. On the contrary to this practice, in countries like India, LLB is traditionally offered in three years. • There are two types of BA degrees as BA (General) Degree and BA (Special) Degree.

  1. BA Law does not have such variations, and neither does LLB.
  2. To apply for a BA degree, you need to have your high school diploma.
  3. That is you must finish your secondary education.
  4. For BA Law degree too you need to have completed your high school diploma.
  5. This is offered as an undergraduate degree.
  6. Applying for a LLB depends on the type of the LLB that is offered to you.
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Here, the type means whether it is offered as an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree. If it is an undergraduate degree, then you must have finished your high school. If it is offered as a postgraduate then you should have a non-law bachelor’s degree.

University of Leeds by Ubcule ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) University of Oxford by Tony Hisgett ( CC BY 2.0 )

Is a law school degree or MBA better?

Students who have skills in math and are interested in business would do well to pursue an MBA, but law school is a great choice for students who have good communication skills and a liberal arts foundation.

Is MBA law collections legitimate?

They’re legit. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Law Offices of Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates, LLC was founded in 2008. The BBB established a profile page for MBA in 2009. MBA is listed as a collection agency and law firm that uses the alternate business name, MBA Law. Buzzfile estimates MBA’s annual revenue at $175,000 and the size of its headquarters staff at 2 employees.

What is Masters in legal studies?

  • An ability to understand the complicated legal and regulatory framework that affects your organization
  • An ability to read and understand legal documents like contracts and regulations
  • An ability to communicate effectively with lawyers and paralegals

Can I do MBA with LLB?

Your LLB can massively enhance your qualifications and skills sets if you combine with MBA. The following areas where you can use your LLB and MBA skillset. LLB + MBA (HR) : handling HR is both an organizational issue but it is also a legal issue. A good LLB + MBA -HR is a very good fit to handle legal matters concerning people.