What Law Did Meredith Grey Break?

What Law Did Meredith Grey Break
Why was Meredith Grey fired? – Meredith was fired by Dr. Miranda Bailey at the end of Season 15 for committing insurance fraud. She did so in order to save a young patient with no insurance that she became attached to (she used her daughter’s name for the insurance instead).

  1. The show’s main character found herself confessing to the crime after her boyfriend, Andrew DeLuca, decided to be heroic and take the fall for her when upper management found out.
  2. Article continues below advertisement After Meredith found out that DeLuca was going to prison for her, she immediately found Dr.

Bailey and Dr. Catherine Avery and told them the truth about what she did in a conference room. But just as Meredith was revealing what really happened, her co-workers and friends, Dr. Alex Karev and Dr. Richard Weber, ran in to tell them that they were involved as well.

So, how did the Chief handle it? She fired them all! “What can I do? You’re fired,” she abruptly said. “All three of you. You’re fired.” So, how will Meredith take the harsh actions against her? From the looks of the Season 16 trailer, it seems she is taking it as well as she could, considered she is spotted doing community service around Seattle (at least it’s better than behind bars).

But, what does all of this drama mean for her and DeLuca? Time will tell! Article continues below advertisement

What episode does Meredith break the law?

I’m Losing Sleep Over Meredith’s Future As A Doctor On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ It’s hard to imagine Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without Meredith Grey. Not only is she a part-owner of the hospital, and not only is her last name is right there in its title, but also, Meredith basically grew up in the halls of the hospital, back when it was known as Seattle Grace and her mother Ellis was the top surgeon.

  • But, in the Season 16 premiere, Meredith learned the medical board was pursing action to take away her license to practice medicine.
  • So, Fans don’t have an answer yet, and, honestly, I’m worried.
  • Warning: Spoilers for Season 16 Episode 3 of Grey’s Anatomy follow,
  • At the end of Season 15, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) broke the law — but she did so for a very noble reason.

A young girl with cancer didn’t have insurance to cover her treatment, and so Meredith committed insurance fraud by using her own daughter’s name on the forms for the patient’s surgery. Even though Meredith was trying to help, it was enough to get her fired from Seattle Grace, sentenced to community service, and in jeopardy of losing her medical license.

Meredith is at the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy ; not only is her name in the hospital’s, but it’s in the title of the show, too. So the idea of her no longer practicing medicine at all is hard for fans to wrap their minds around. A lot of fans have had some big reactions to the notion of it on Twitter: Just because Meredith isn’t officially a doctor so far in the season, it doesn’t mean she’s not using her medical expertise.

In Episode 3, Meredith assisted on a surgery via video chat, which might not exactly be the most legal thing to be doing when your medical license has been revoked. But, that isn’t the only way Meredith is calling attention to herself while she’s away from Grey Sloan.

In the second episode of the season, Meredith surreptitiously administered medical care to the other people on her community service team. While doing so, Meredith realized firsthand just how broken the bureaucracy surrounding medicine is. She decided to take what she’s learned and write about it to expose how people need better and easier access to insurance and healthcare.

It’s another noble action, but it’s also the exact opposite of the “lying low” she’s supposed to be doing while she awaits her hearing to review her medical license. Meredith might be helping people, but she’s also diminishing her chances of having an easy hearing to get her license reinstated.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff hinted to TV Guide that Meredith has a long road ahead of her.
  2. She said, “As the reality of the stakes escalate and become more real for her, for sure, She didn’t give any additional hints about the fate of Meredith’s medical career, but I’m hopeful fans will see her back in the operating room someday soon.

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy continues on Thursday, Oct.17, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. : I’m Losing Sleep Over Meredith’s Future As A Doctor On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Does Meredith lose her medical licence?

Episodes – See also: The number in the “No. overall” column refers to the episode’s number within the overall series, whereas the number in the “No. in season” column refers to the episode’s number within this particular season. “U.S. viewers in millions” refers to the number of Americans in millions who watched the episodes live. Each episode of this season is named after a song.

No. overall No. inseason Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers(millions)
343 1 “Nothing Left to Cling To” September 26, 2019 ( 2019-09-26 ) 6.51
Alex drops Jo off at a psychiatric facility for her 30-day stay; after revealing that they never officially signed a marriage license, Jo gives Alex an out, but he proves to her he’s in it for the long haul. Still stuck in the fog, Maggie searches for Jackson and finds him helping two rock climbers who have fallen down a cliff. While that couple recovers, Jackson and Maggie break up, and Jackson tries to move on with firefighter Vic. Owen’s many attempts to help a frazzled Teddy with their newborn, Allison, makes things worse until he shows her how much he wants to be with her. After Meredith admits she was the one behind the insurance fraud, Andrew is released from jail, and Meredith is sentenced to court-ordered community service with her medical license in jeopardy. Following his firing from the hospital, Richard gets a job making house visits, while Koracick is promoted to Chief Medical Officer of the Fox Foundation, much to Bailey’s dismay. As Amelia and Link’s relationship continues to heat up, Amelia gets hit with a big surprise.
344 2 “Back in the Saddle” Meg Marinis October 3, 2019 ( 2019-10-03 ) 6.08
Meredith learns that her medical-board hearing will only be in three months. In the meantime, after she detects cancer in her community service supervisor, Robin, Meredith decides to publish about inequality in the healthcare system. Alex is appointed Chief at PacNorth and offers Jo a job at PacNorth, where she would have free rein over her own fellowship, but Jo decides to take a position as an attending at Grey Sloan after giving Bailey an ultimatum. Amelia tells Link about her pregnancy and difficult past with Christopher, and though they both voice their fears, they decide to keep the baby. Koracick and Owen continue to be at odds with one another; by the end of the day, Koracick gets a restraining order against Owen after he accidentally gets tasered. Andrew accuses Bailey of choosing Helm over him to perform a surgery due to his relationship with Meredith, and Jackson and Maggie navigate through their post-breakup woes.
345 3 “Reunited” Michael Medico Andy Reaser October 10, 2019 ( 2019-10-10 ) 6.09
In her first surgery as an attending, Jo must convince Meredith’s patient to have the procedure without her; as a compromise, the surgeons video chat Meredith in. After the surgery, Qadri confronts Bailey about firing Meredith, which gets herself fired as well. While trying to avoid Koracick, Owen and Teddy take newborn Allison for a tour around the hospital before Owen tells Teddy she should go back to work. A disoriented Korean woman arrives at the hospital in search of her long lost love, who is also a patient. Andrew covers up an accident Schmitt makes in surgery to teach him a lesson. Amelia debates over when she and Link should tell people about the baby, while things heat up between Jackson and Vic following their hiking trip. At PacNorth, two estranged sisters reunite and have to decide whether to pull the plug on their sister who has been declared brain-dead. After he is unable to get a hold of Catherine, Richard decides to have dinner with his old friend, Gemma.
346 4 “It’s Raining Men” October 17, 2019 ( 2019-10-17 ) 5.75
When Meredith’s tell-all article about the dark side of the health care system goes viral, Grey Sloan gets its reputation put on the line. A furious Bailey reluctantly names Andrew chief resident after the previous one quits, sending her into a presumed panic attack. Koracick offers the family of a cancer patient a free surgery in exchange for good publicity for the hospital, which causes a rift between him and Jackson. Maggie and Teddy treat a woman who was hit by a stowaway that fell out of a moving airplane, while Link tries to calm down the woman’s traumatized boyfriend. After spending the day with Alex and Richard, Owen cuts his paternity-leave short and accepts a job at PacNorth as the Head of Trauma. Link tells Amelia he’s falling in love with her, while Meredith and Andrew fight about her self-destructive behavior that has landed her in trouble with the court again. Bailey discovers that she has been having symptoms all day because she is pregnant.
347 5 “Breathe Again” October 24, 2019 ( 2019-10-24 ) 6.10
When Zola is in need of an operation to repair her shunt for her spina bifida, Meredith skips out on her court date for her missing community service hours. While Koracick performs surgery on Zola, Meredith vents her doubts about her relationship with Andrew to her sisters, and Amelia worries that she does not know Link well enough to be having a baby with him. Bailey and Jo treat Jo’s former therapist from her time in the psychiatric institution, forcing Jo to recall the month she spent there. Richard has breakfast with his old sobriety friend, Gemma, and after he tells her how absent Catherine has been lately, Gemma kisses him, which he rebuffs. Bailey tells Ben that she is pregnant, and he responds ecstatically. Zola has a successful surgery, but because Meredith failed to show up in court, her lawyer tells her she will make up her remaining hours in jail.
348 6 “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard” Julie Wong October 31, 2019 ( 2019-10-31 ) 5.66
Meredith gets a reality check in prison when she learns how her cellmate, Paula, landed herself behind bars. Alex and Richard attempt to impress potential investors at PacNorth, only to discover that the hospital is built over a graveyard, while Jo spends the day trying to scare people with her Halloween costume. At Grey Sloan, Bailey struggles with her pregnancy hormones as she and Teddy discuss Halloween costumes for their children. After being in a bad mood all day, Koracick reveals to Bailey that he hates Halloween because his son had died two weeks before the holiday. Jackson and Andrew treat a young girl with severe burns from the sunlight as Andrew tries to figure out why Zola is upset with him. When Zola finally opens up and tells him she misses her dad, Andrew tells her stories about what a great surgeon Derek was. Amelia and Link have lunch with his parents, who reveal that they are getting remarried, upsetting Link, as he spent years going back and forth between the two.
349 7 “Papa Don’t Preach” Daniel Willis Jalysa Conway November 7, 2019 ( 2019-11-07 ) 6.16
Maggie gets a big surprise when her cousin, Sabie, who is also Richard’s niece, shows up at the hospital with a large tumor around her heart. While the two realize how much they have in common, Sabie does not want Maggie operating on her due to conflict of interest. Although Maggie insists that she is the best person for the job and eventually gets Sabie’s father’s permission to perform the surgery, she loses Sabie in the operating room due to blood clotting. Feeling guilty, Maggie is forced to share the bad news with Sabie’s father, further alienating the family from Richard, who is already at odds with Catherine over his perceived affair with Gemma. Meanwhile, Amelia shows up at PacNorth to tell Owen that she and Link are having a baby, and he does not take it well. While they treat a pregnant woman who has fallen down the stairs after attempting to get an abortion, Owen takes his anger out on the patient before he and Amelia resolve their issues through a heart-to-heart.
350 8 “My Shot” Debbie Allen Meg Marinis November 14, 2019 ( 2019-11-14 ) 6.34
Meredith realizes one of the judges on the panel to determine the fate of her medical license, Dr. Paul Castello, is the doctor who neglected to get a head CT for Derek that led to his death. Andrew, Owen and Alex give positive testimonies, while the opposing council counteract with Meredith’s wrongdoings in the hospital over the years. When Paul brings up Zola, Meredith confronts him about killing her husband, causing him to seizure. He does not recover and dies at Grey Sloan. The trial is postponed until Alex brings dozens of Meredith’s former patients in to give statements. Meredith gets to keep her license and is offered her job back at Grey Sloan by Bailey, which she accepts. After the trial, Jackson tries to make a move on Maggie, who is still wallowing in Sabie’s death; Schmitt is ostracized by the other residents after it is revealed he was the one who accidentally turned Meredith in to Bailey; and Andrew breaks up with Meredith when he realizes that she does not respect him the way she did Derek.
351 9 “Let’s All Go to the Bar” Kevin McKidd Kiley Donovan November 21, 2019 ( 2019-11-21 ) 6.40
Meredith clashes with the new Head of Pediatrics, Dr. Cormac Hayes, over a patient Meredith has treated in the past. She later learns that Cristina sent Hayes to Meredith as a present, dubbing him “McWidow” due to the loss of his wife. Amelia and Bailey bond over their pregnancies until Bailey has a miscarriage and Amelia learns that she is further along than she thought, questioning the paternity. Jo volunteers for a safe haven program and cares for an abandoned baby at Station 19; she later tells Link she brought the baby home. Schmitt continues to be shunned by the other residents and seeks comfort in Nico. Catherine learns that Jackson broke up with Maggie and is now dating Vic, prompting Catherine to vent her suspicions about Richard cheating. Owen shows a prospective new doctor around PacNorth, while Richard is distracted by Gemma constantly showing up. At the end of the day, many of the doctors hang out at Joe’s Bar until a car crashes through the wall.
352 10 “Help Me Through the Night” Lynne E. Litt January 23, 2020 ( 2020-01-23 ) 6.66
The doctors rush to save several of the residents involved in the bar crash. Bailey and Richard operate on Helm as Richard attempts to comfort Bailey following her miscarriage. Meredith works on Schmitt after he collapses and assures him that she forgives him for turning her into Bailey. While Amelia wrestles with telling Link about her baby news and Teddy vents about Owen still not proposing, the two look for Parker, who has gone missing due to PTSD triggered by the crash. Jackson and Owen perform surgery on Simms while being closely monitored by Koracick, while Jo bonds with Hayes over her Safe Haven baby. After all the residents are in the clear, Owen proposes to Teddy, much to Tom’s dismay, and Amelia reveals to Link that they are having a boy. At Meredith’s house, Andrew tells Maggie he made a mistake breaking up with Meredith just as Maggie learns she is being sued for Sabie’s death. This episode concludes a crossover event that begins on,
353 11 “A Hard Pill to Swallow” Michael Medico Adrian Wenner January 30, 2020 ( 2020-01-30 ) 5.56
Amelia finally tells Link that she is unsure if he or Owen is the father of her baby, and after taking time to think, Link says he wants a paternity test before they decide where they stand as a couple. Meredith learns more about Hayes’ past as they work on a teen who has collapsed from vaping, while she struggles with her lingering feelings for Andrew, who is also at a loss for answers on a mystery patient, Suzanne. Teddy admits to Owen that she lost her engagement ring, and they spend the day searching for it until they discover Leo has swallowed it. Link, Jo, and Jackson operate on a man who swallowed a fish during his bachelor party, while Koracick continuously bothers Bailey about her time off before learning it was to grieve her miscarriage. Richard attempts to get Maggie out of her funk while also dealing with his own marital problems with Catherine.
354 12 “The Last Supper” Nicole Rubio February 6, 2020 ( 2020-02-06 ) 5.47
In a recipe for disaster, Jackson and Maggie attempt to be civil towards one another for Catherine and Richard’s anniversary dinner. Jackson invites Vic, who also brings along her friend, Dean, as a blind date for Maggie, only without telling her first. After dinner gets off to an awkward start, things are made worse when Jackson and Maggie cannot stop bickering, prompting Catherine to announce that she and Richard are actually separating. Though the dinner gives them a chance to reminisce and consider reconciliation, the night ends with Catherine determined to buy PacNorth from Richard in spite. Meanwhile, Schmitt and Nico visit Schmitt’s uncle, who is in hospice. After coming out to his uncle right before he passes, Schmitt learns that his uncle was actually a closeted gay and in an extramarital affair with another man. Having learned that his mother knew about his uncle’s secret, Schmitt decides to move out because his mother still has not fully accepted his sexuality.
355 13 “Save the Last Dance for Me” Tameson Duffy February 13, 2020 ( 2020-02-13 ) 5.58
The day after they get back together, Andrew uses Meredith’s name to bring Dr. Lauren Riley, a deaf diagnostician from UCSF, to consult on his patient, Suzanne, whose medical issues he still cannot figure out. With Grey Sloan absorbing PacNorth as per Catherine’s request, Koracick spends the day dangling Richard and Owen’s jobs in front of them, though he immediately grants Maggie her position back. Jo and Bailey treat a teen foster kid, Joey, who is worried about being separated from his foster siblings, while Schmitt and Meredith tend to an elderly former ballroom dancer whose cancer has spread throughout her body. Amelia awaits the results of her paternity test and shares a moment with Owen, though she later reveals to Link that she never ran the test in the first place. Jo worries about Alex being gone for so long without returning her phone calls, and Schmitt tells Nico he wants a more serious relationship. The hospital board gathers together to band against Koracick and reinstate everyone.
356 14 “A Diagnosis” Greg Evans Julie Wong February 20, 2020 ( 2020-02-20 ) 5.99
Still desperate for an answer on his patient, Suzanne’s, symptoms, Andrew begins showing symptoms for bipolar disorder similar to his father’s mania, raising concern from Meredith and Carina. While Andrew is eventually able to diagnose Suzanne, he goes into denial when Meredith confronts him and breaks up with her. Maggie attempts to reason with Amelia, who has locked herself at home in order to avoid Link and the paternity test; when Link comes over after work, Amelia ends their relationship and announces that she will raise the baby alone with the help of her sisters. While treating a couple who got attacked by a bear in the woods, Jo learns that the wife is having an extramarital affair and worries that Alex is not returning her calls because he is cheating on her. Schmitt grows suspicious about Nico not wanting to introduce him to his parents until Schmitt learns that Nico is still not out to his parents. Bailey tries to get Richard out of his funk with a batch of new doctors from PacNorth to mentor, Hayes reunites Joey with his foster siblings, and Jackson finally gives Maggie a long overdue apology for abandoning her in the woods.
357 15 “Snowblind” Meg Marinis February 27, 2020 ( 2020-02-27 ) 6.00
A blizzard that has hit Seattle sends multiple patients to Grey Sloan as temperatures continue to drop. When the roads shut down, Andrew volunteers to travel by foot through the snow in order to retrieve an organ for Hayes’ patient, continuing what Meredith and Carina think is a manic spiral. Owen and Teddy fight to save a pregnant woman who has been hit by a car by her partner. While Link sulks around the hospital following his breakup with Amelia, Teddy worries that Amelia’s baby might be Owen’s and confirms her suspicions with Maggie, which sends Teddy into Koracick’s arms. Amidst his relationship troubles with a distant Nico, Schmitt loses a patient, Tess, who he discovers is masking as a resident about to perform surgery. When Richard confronts Tess, he reveals that he has a tremor that may end his medical career. Upon learning that Joey doesn’t plan on finishing school, Bailey takes him around the hospital for inspiration and later asks him to come stay with her, which he accepts. Meredith and Hayes’ chemistry deepens as they bond over their shared loses and discuss their “firsts”, Jo tells Link she is almost certain that Alex has left her, and Jackson has his first fight with Vic.
358 16 “” Debbie Allen Elisabeth R. Finch March 5, 2020 ( 2020-03-05 ) 6.30
Following months of silence, Alex finally explains his absence by sending letters to Meredith, Jo, Bailey, and Richard, who each read their respective letter alone. The letters reveal that Alex hasn’t been visiting his mother, but instead went to Kansas to check in with Izzie, whom he reconnected with during Meredith’s trial. In Kansas, Alex learned that Izzie used the embryos they had frozen years ago and is now raising their twin son and daughter. Realizing that he loves both Izzie and Jo, Alex made a choice to be with Izzie in order to be there for his kids the way his father wasn’t there for him. Alex thanks everyone for all they have done for him over the years and says he won’t be returning to Seattle. After reading their letters, Jo is left with divorce papers, Richard angrily vents at an AA meeting, Bailey and Ben officially decide to let Joey stay with them, and Meredith reveals to Zola what happened to Alex.
359 17 “Life on Mars?” Michael Watkins Jase Miles-Perez March 12, 2020 ( 2020-03-12 ) 6.27
A wealthy inventor visits Grey Sloan, seeking a diagnosis from Koracick that can excuse him for a crime he committed. After consulting on Koracick’s case, Meredith treats a diabetic woman who has been rationing her insulin in order to pay for her parents’ nursing home. While indulging in some dark humor over their disastrous love lives, Jo and Link work to save a young man who fell onto the train tracks while with his girlfriend. A frantic Teddy tries to avoid both Owen and Koracick after having cheated with Koracick recently, though she finds herself in an even messier situation when she discloses to Owen that he may be the father of Amelia’s baby and then sleeps with Koracick again later that day. Bailey tries to comfort Richard, but he lashes out and tells her he may be stepping down from surgery. Jackson and Vic fight over the status of their relationship, leading to their breakup, and Andrew continues to show signs of mania despite his hospital-mandated therapy. Upon listening to Jo’s advice, Link attempts at a grand gesture to Amelia, and after they get back together, she reveals that he is the father of her baby.
360 18 “Give a Little Bit” Kevin McKidd March 19, 2020 ( 2020-03-19 ) 7.04
Meredith leads the hospital’s first ever pro-bono surgery day but quickly finds herself overwhelmed by the influx of patients; Andrew suspects that a young girl is a victim of human trafficking, but his concerns are dismissed as bipolar mania and this leads to him having a nervous breakdown in front of the entire hospital. He nearly quits but Meredith tells him she loves him and convinces him to stay. Link turns down a job offer as the Mariners’ team doctor and recommends Nico, resulting in Nico and Schmitt’s breakup. Jo struggles with changing her surname from Karev and bonds with Schmitt over their breakups; they ultimately agree to be roommates. Koracick and Teddy continue to sneak around behind Owen’s back.
361 19 “Love of My Life” Allison Liddi-Brown Kiley Donovan & Andy Reaser March 26, 2020 ( 2020-03-26 ) 6.52
Richard, Maggie, Teddy, and Hayes all travel to California to attend the LA Surgical Innovation Conference as representatives for Grey Sloan. Maggie unexpectedly reunites with Winston, a man whom she worked with during his residency, and the two end up in bed together, though she declines his offer to start a real relationship with him. Having met his late wife at the hotel in which the conference in being held, Hayes reflects on the years leading up to his wife’s death from cancer and lashes out at a pharmaceutical rep in the present day. Teddy is surprised when she runs into Claire, a former friend who dated Teddy’s best friend, Allison, and learns that Claire knew about Teddy and Allison’s affair for years but never said anything. Richard prepares for presentation on his PATH pen but is distracted by the arrival of Catherine, who seems to be seeking reconciliation. However, right before his presentation it is shown that Richard’s night with Catherine had been a hallucination, and when he appears disoriented on stage, the doctors rush him to the hospital.
362 20 “Sing It Again” Michael Watkins Jess Righthand April 2, 2020 ( 2020-04-02 ) 7.18
The doctors band together in search of a diagnosis for Richard following his erratic episode two days ago at the medical conference. After ruling out several possibilities, Maggie faces the reality that it might be Alzheimer’s, but Meredith is certain that it’s not. When Meredith walks in on Richard about to cut himself open, she sees how rapidly his condition is progressing and goes to Andrew for help. Amelia and Link prepare themselves for the impending birth of their son, but when she goes into false labor, they realize how anxious they are about how much their lives are about to change. Koracick’s world is shaken when his ex-wife, Dana, shows up at the hospital with her son who needs to be treated for a brain tumor, forcing Koracick to relive his grief of his late son, David. With Teddy’s help, Koracick is able to push past his fears and operate on the boy, though Teddy later chooses to push up her wedding with Owen. Link and Owen treat a patient who, after coming out of anesthesia, cannot stop singing, while Schmitt is unable to separate work and home life now that he and Jo are roommates.
363 21 “Put on a Happy Face” Mark Driscoll & Tameson Duffy April 9, 2020 ( 2020-04-09 ) 7.33
As Richard’s condition continues to deteriorate, the doctors are ready to call it Alzheimer’s and send him home with Catherine until Andrew discovers that the cobalt metal from Richard’s hip replacement has been leaking poison into his blood and causing all of his symptoms. Amelia goes into labor, and though Link is pulled into Richard’s emergency surgery, she delivers a healthy baby boy with the help of Bailey. Owen and Teddy get ready for their wedding, which is scheduled for that night, but Teddy gets a tempting offer from Koracick to run away with him instead. While Schmitt, Maggie, and Owen treat a baseball player who has taken a bat to the chest, Owen learns about Koracick and Teddy’s affair over voicemail and postpones the wedding without telling Teddy first. As Jackson, Jo, and Hayes operate on a teenage girl with Moebius syndrome, they discuss their dating lives, prompting Jo to tease a confused Hayes about Cristina setting him up with Meredith. Hayes later asks Meredith out for drinks, and after she asks for a rain check, she finds Andrew having another bipolar episode and takes him home.
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What episode does Meredith lose her license?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ My Shot (TV Episode 2019) – IMDb.

What did Meredith do insurance?

Warning: This article includes spoilers for episode 2 of Grey’s Anatomy’s 16th season. Last season, Meredith was fired from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for committing insurance fraud. She used her daughter’s insurance to help a young girl who had cancer but whose immigrant father didn’t have sufficient medical care for them.

  • Meredith has always been willing to go the extra mile for a patient, but, in episode two of season 16, she realized she could potentially help millions of people (legally) if she used her platform to talk about this country’s inadequate insurance policies.
  • At the end of the episode, she told her boyfriend and fellow doctor Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) that she intended to publish her observations about people falling through the cracks of the healthcare process.

Meredith had been inspired to do so by her court-ordered community service crew, whom she saw struggle with all kinds of health issues without knowing who to turn to and if they could afford it. Her work crew boss couldn’t get in to see a doctor for months because it took her insurance so long to approve the specialist, and she feared she couldn’t afford take the time off to go anyway.

  1. See, if her boss didn’t show up for work, she didn’t get paid, and then she couldn’t pay her rent.
  2. Meredith seemed shocked by this, but that’s a reality for many real people in this country.
  3. And it’s been a reality for a very, very long time.
  4. Even with the Affordable Care Act, many people are left with insurance plans that have high deductibles or don’t cover much, or they are stuck dealing with bureaucratic rules that delay necessary screenings, appointments, and treatment.

Meredith is extremely privileged and so are most of the doctors she works with. She doesn’t handle billing or insurance issues at her hospital, and she hasn’t had to really confront the systemic problems until now. It’s the first time the show has really gone there and explored how everyday people can suffer because of our current healthcare system, which is somewhat odd when you think about it.

  1. This show has spent 15 seasons dealing with serious issues and this is only just now coming up.
  2. To its credit, the show handled the odd insurance issue in case-of-the-week storylines that usually ended on a happy note after a doctor did something illegal.
  3. For example, in season seven, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) married a chronically ill patient to give him better healthcare and then they ended up falling in love for real.

And earlier in season 15 before Meredith’s own instance of insurance fraud, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) intentionally injured a patient with a pre-existing condition so the patient could make a claim for emergency surgery that his insurance company would have to approve.

For most people, insurance and hospitals go hand-in-hand, so it’s wild that Grey’s Anatomy is really only starting to really address the healthcare discrepancy in full. And while there’s no denying that Meredith has the platform to bring attention to the issue, she also needs to take her time to research the matter before she just writes and publishes something on a whim.

Judging by her shocked reaction to her boss saying she couldn’t afford to take off work to go to the doctor, Meredith has a huge blind spot when it comes to the insurance and healthcare struggles of everyday Americans. Before she can create change, she must know what change is needed in the first place.

How long was Meredith in jail for?

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Now We’ve Got Bad Blood Happy Halloween, Grey’s friends! There were lots of scary things going on in “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard” to keep with the theme of the evening: You know, things like mass graves! And Bailey and Tom sort of bonding? And Meredith’s time in the slammer being so unbelievably anti-climactic.

Okay, I guess not all of those things are scary to the general population, but for Grey’s Anatomy fans, watching this “Meredith committed insurance fraud and might lose her medical license” storyline drag on for what seems like 300 years is truly terrifying. So, yes, Meredith’s in jail for about 20 seconds, which isn’t ideal, but everyone seems fine and she’s just waiting to get released on Halloween when we come across her.

She once again makes an ass out of herself as she whines about her current predicament, only to have her thunder stolen by her cellmate who is a single mom with two kids and two jobs and was arrested for a ridiculous charge and can’t pay her bail, so her kids are in foster care and she’s in jail while she awaits her hearing, which probably won’t be for a month.

It’s always great when Meredith gets a dose of the real world. Like, the actual least she can do for this woman is pay for her bail, which she does in the end, because Meredith saves people regardless of if she’s holding a scalpel or not, I guess (please dear lord get her holding a scalpel again soon).

Surely, the more dramatic aspect of this plot will be her medical licensing hearing — hopefully we’ll get some great Grey’s throwbacks during that spectacle — but even that is sure to be a little lackluster since there’s no way they’re going to strip Meredith of her medical license.

  1. Which means all we can really do is twirl our thumbs until this whole mess is over.
  2. The one interesting little thing to come out of Meredith Sleeps Over in Jail 2019 is the conversation it forces between DeLuca and Zola.
  3. DeLuca’s been stepping up big time to help Maggie and Amelia watch Mer’s kids while she’s in lockup (seriously, if she questions if he’s serious enough for her, I will hurl myself into the ocean), but he runs into a problem when he offers to help Zola with her butterfly wings.

“You’re not my dad,” she tells him. Kids: truly the scariest. Zola’s cold to DeLuca all day, until finally he takes some advice from Cool Dad Jackson, and figures out a way to get her to tell him the real reason she’s upset. So basically Jackson’s advice is “talk to her.” And so after she runs off, DeLuca eventually finds Zola sitting in an OR gallery and asks what’s going on.

  1. The thing is, Derek is the one who fixed her butterfly wings, one of the few memories she has of her dad, and she’s afraid of forgetting him.
  2. Little does Zola know but it was actually Derek and Ben who fixed those butterfly wings back in season ten’s Halloween episode, “Thriller.” We won’t make her feel any worse.

But now that DeLuca knows the truth, he’s able to help. This man! He says the exact right things to this poor child: he talks about Derek being a legend and tells her a story about one of his surgeries (Derek operated on Issac the lab tech in season six, for those who couldn’t place it).

  • If Meredith ditches this guy, I will well yes, I guess once again I’ll hurl myself into the ocean.
  • It is the only way.
  • Not only are we waiting out this Meredith storyline, but there’s also this whole Pac-North thing that continues to be a bit puzzling.
  • It seems unlikely that our doctors will be split between two hospitals for the rest of time, but there’s no clear ejection plan either.

In fact, just as things seem their most dire at Pac-North — construction workers building the new research wing discover a mass grave underneath AND all the patients start crashing because the blood from the hospital’s blood bank has gone bad — Alex gets a lifeline.

  • While both of those seemingly terrible things are happening and the hospital is going into crisis mode, Alex has investors there taking a tour.
  • Alex is sure that his investors will want to pull out of funding projects immediately, like any normal investors would, but instead they’re impressed at how well Alex handles the chaos.

They probably don’t know he was born and bred in Seattle Grace Mercy Death, actual Hellmouth. With Alex, Webber, and Owen getting things in order at this castle of ineptitude, and a set of truly bonkers investors behind them, could Pac-North, like, actually become a functional hospital? Stranger things have happened, perhaps.

Aside from the investors, someone else is quite impressed with Alex Karev: His wife, who has been hanging around Pac-North all day in her Corpse Bride costume because this woman who is supposed to be working on a research project that could herald in the future of medicine has literally nothing else to do.

She does use her own wedding dress for her costume because wedding dresses are stupid expensive and she wants to get some real use out of it. Honestly, Jo Karev has never made more sense to me than in this moment. After a day of watching her husband crush it as Chief of Surgery, she’s super proud and the happy couple wants to celebrate.

  • Alex sees his wife in her wedding dress, fake blood and all, and suggests they head to the courthouse to make their marriage legal.
  • Just a corpse bride and vampire promising to love each other until death do they part.
  • Perhaps the weirdest thing about the Pac-North of it all is that I kind of like it over there? Call me crazy, but I’ll take “The blood has gone bad!” shenanigans over not one but two storylines having to do with Halloween costumes any day.

The heart wants what the heart wants, we know this. • Speaking of: I really love Link and Amelia together, and I don’t just toss the “L” word around carelessly. I’m not Owen Hunt. In this episode, we meet Link’s parents who, up to this point have just been those two divorced monsters who made Link’s life hell what with their constant arguing.

When he and Amelia meet them for Link’s “cancer-versary” his parents tell him they’re actually getting remarried. Surprise? • Bailey being confused about why her hormones are out of control seems a little ridiculous for a woman who is both the Chief of Surgery at an elite hospital and someone who has been pregnant before, but, okay? She’s really dreading crying in front of Tom, Chief of Chiefs, for the entire episode, but once he opens up to her about how much his late son loved Halloween, she just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

No one could! • There was an entire storyline about Teddy feeling inadequate because she didn’t want to make her kids Halloween costumes from scratch. I know we’re in season 16 here, but is this all that’s left? • It was perhaps only worth it for the reveal that Teddy dressed Leo and Alison up as zombies.

  • Or as a horrified Owen asks, “you dressed our babies up as dead babies?” • Jo finally scaring Alex by telling him that she’s pregnant during their courthouse nuptials scared me, too.
  • I was worried we’d be dealing with three pregnant ladies this season and that would just be too much for my weary soul.

Thankfully, it was all just a Halloween trick. Never trust a corpse bride, you know? Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Now We’ve Got Bad Blood : Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Now We’ve Got Bad Blood

Does Meredith ever get Alzheimer’s?

ELLEN POMPEO Roll with me for a second here, Grey’s Anatomy fans. The following piece is mere speculation and not based on any first-hand knowledge or reporting—just my years of being a student of Shondaland and a fan of the longtime show, Ever wonder why Grey Sloan has the worst luck? Two hospital shootings, a flood, an earthquake.

One of the doctors was hit by a bus. Another was run down by a semi-truck while stopped in the middle of the road. And a third was electrocuted. Half a dozen doctors wound up in a plane crash. And one flew through the front windshield of her car and lived to tell the tale. Sure, this string of tragedies and accidents may just be the result of 13 seasons of Shonda Rhimes and the Grey’s Anatomy writers keeping the action and drama abundant, but what if there’s more to it? What if some of this never really happened? How would that be the case? Grey’s Anatomy fans have speculated before the series could end with the revelation that Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ) has Alzheimer’s disease,

Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. It’s the disease that led to the demise of Ellis Grey ( Kate Burton ), Meredith’s mother, in season 3, and Meredith tested positive for several genetic markers for Alzheimer’s in season 9.

Alzheimer’s disease first found its way to Grey’s Anatomy in the pilot. In that episode, Meredith’s voiceover narration was revealed to be a story she was telling her mother at an assisted living facility. Could Meredith’s subsequent voiceovers be stories she now tells her three children sometime in the future? And if Meredith suffers from dementia, perhaps her memories of the hospital glory days are altered, and her tale entwines fact and fiction.

Much like in the “If/Then” episode—in which Meredith’s mother was never diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, changing many of the dynamics throughout the hospital—perhaps Future Meredith is supplying (somewhat) happier endings for her fellow interns than what actually happened.

  1. In that alternate-reality episode, George didn’t die in that bus accident but flunked his intern exam and was never heard from again, and Izzie was just an unstable intern who got fired after stealing a heart for her patient Denny ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ).
  2. Instead, Meredith remembers George dying a hero and Izzie bravely surviving cancer and going off on her own—relatively happier, or at least more meaningful, endings.

If the theory about Meredith’s future is true, perhaps Derek ( Patrick Dempsey ) didn’t die tragically in season 11 when they were happily married; maybe, in reality, Derek left Meredith, but Meredith doesn’t remember it that way. It’s a heartbreaking outcome, and it’s everything Meredith has feared since the beginning of the show.

Why was Meredith fired in Season 8?

It was understandable why Bailey (Chandra Wilson) took the action she did. Meredith committed insurance fraud by putting her daughter’s insurance information down to help a young girl with cancer. It was also understandable why Meredith did what she did.

Alex and Richard were fired for having known about the fraud but saying nothing about it. But how permanent can these firings really be? Nothing but death seems to last on Grey’s Anatomy, Couples split, fights end, and people who were fired get rehired. Meredith herself has already been fired and brought back to the hospital.

In season 8, Meredith lost her job because she tampered with a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s. Basically, this involved Meredith switching the placebo with the actual drug so she could ensure that Richard’s wife Adele (Loretta Devine) was getting the real treatment.

  • Ultimately, though, she was re-hired after Richard took the fall for Meredith and resigned as chief so she could be reinstated.
  • Meredith was also suspended in season 13 for telling Bailey that she didn’t like the new doctor, Eliza Minnick (Marika Domińczyk), that Bailey had hired.
  • A couple of episodes later, she was back.

Alex, too, has been suspended before. When he was waiting trial for assaulting Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) in season 13, Bailey suspended him, pending the court outcome. DeLuca eventually dropped the charges and Alex came back to work. And, in season 6, when Richard began drinking again, the hospital told him he could permanently leave or he could go to rehab,

He eventually sobered up and returned to work. Basically, being fired on this show is almost a rite of passage, and it’s almost never permanent — especially for three core characters like Meredith, Alex, and Richard. Along with Bailey, they’re the only ones left from season 1 of this show. They can’t possibly be going anywhere forever, right? Not when the series was just renewed through season 17,

There is no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey, and the people Bailey fired are some of her favorites on staff. Richard is her mentor for goodness sake. Sure, this will play out as a storyline for a while, no doubt. But, by the end of season 16, all three of them will be back to practicing medicine, because this is a TV show and it’s not always realistic.

Does Meredith go deaf?

Plot – “The Sound of Silence” opens with Dr. Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ) teaching her anatomy class. The episode jumps back to Meredith, Maggie, and Alex as they are carpooling to work, stuck in a traffic jam that turns out to be the result of a road accident.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors get to work treating the people who were injured in the accident. Meredith is working with Dr. Penny Blake ( Samantha Sloyan ) and Dr. Ben Warren ( Jason George ) on Lou, a patient who needs a neurological consult. Ben asks Dr. Amelia Shepherd ( Caterina Scorsone ), but she chooses to assist Dr.

Owen Hunt ( Kevin McKidd ) instead, because of her previous fight with Meredith. Meanwhile, Meredith is left alone with the patient. The patient becomes violent as the result of post-seizure hyper-aggression and assaults Meredith, leaving her battered and barely conscious on the floor.

Penny finds Meredith and calls for help. The doctors rush to save Meredith’s life, in the face of her injuries. As Dr. Richard Webber ( James Pickens Jr.), Dr. April Kepner ( Sarah Drew ), Dr. Callie Torres ( Sara Ramirez ), Owen, Dr. Maggie Pierce ( Kelly McCreary ), Ben, Dr. Jackson Avery ( Jesse Williams ) and Dr.

Alex Karev ( Justin Chambers ) address the injuries, Meredith realizes she is unable to speak. They soon discover that she’s lost her hearing as a result of the beating she endured. The episode then draws into silence as it is shown from Meredith’s perspective, who is unable to hear, or speak.

  1. Her jaw is wired shut and she relies on her other senses to interpret the situation.
  2. Alex visits Meredith during her recovery and attempts to cheer her up.
  3. Alex realizes Meredith’s hearing has returned after she laughs at one of his jokes. Later Dr.
  4. Miranda Bailey ( Chandra Wilson ) informs Meredith that Lou underwent surgery and was discharged.

He’s asked to see her to apologize, but Meredith refuses. Dr. Arizona Robbins ( Jessica Capshaw ) helps her prepare for a visit with her children. On arriving they are terrified when they see their mother in that condition and leave. Meredith has a panic attack, and Penny steps up to help, removing the wires holding her jaw shut.

  • Jackson reprimands Penny for jeopardizing the healing process.
  • Amelia visits Meredith to apologize for her prior behavior and discuss her sobriety.
  • Amelia confides in Meredith that she is scared to lose her, but Meredith responds that she is not ready to forgive her.
  • Webber takes Meredith out for some fresh air, and gives her a talk about the power of forgiveness.

He encourages her to forgive Amelia, Penny, Derek, and most importantly herself. She agrees to meet Lou. He introduces his wife and two daughters and then offers a sincere apology for what happened. Meredith, still unable to speak, takes his hand as a way of conveying her forgiveness.

Why was Meredith in jail?

Is Meredith Grey going to jail on Grey’s Anatomy? – Meredith’s legal issues began in the last few episodes of Season 15. When a patient came in whose father didn’t have documentation (or the money to private pay for her care), Meredith put her own daughter’s name down.

  • The motivations for the insurance fraud were noble, but the hospital soon caught on.
  • Meredith was fired, as was Alex Karev and Richard Weber.
  • DeLuca tried to take the fall for the matter, and he even went to jail briefly too. Dr.
  • Grey turned herself in during the Season 15 finale.
  • She got an excellent lawyer, who worked out a deal that she would just have to complete her community service hours and attend a court hearing.
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But, Meredith left her community service early one day when she had to speak to Dr. Bailey about the scathing article Meredith wrote about Grey Sloan Memorial. Article continues below advertisement Then, when her court date arrived, Meredith’s daughter, Zola, had complications in conjunction with a spina bifida procedure she had years earlier.

Meredith refused to leave her daughter’s bedside while she went into surgery, and she was given jail time as a result. In the promo for the Oct.31 episode, which is aptly centered around Halloween, Meredith is concerned that she won’t be back in time to trick-or-treat with her three kids. Article continues below advertisement Meredith’s jail sentence will likely be as long as the community service hours that she missed.

Considering she spent most of the time she was at community service doing other things (like FaceTiming in for a surgery and running a free clinic for the other workers), there’s potential that Meredith could be in jail for a few days. It is unclear what her sentence is.

What episode is Meredith’s court case?

Leave a Light On (Grey’s Anatomy)

‘Leave a Light On’
Episode no. Season 16 Episode 16
Directed by Debbie Allen
Written by Elisabeth Finch
Featured music ‘Shiny Happy People’ ‘Turn to Stone’ ‘Beautiful and Brutal’

Was Meredith pregnant when Derek dies?

Meredith Has Derek’s Baby on Grey’s Anatomy! | Grey’s Anatomy As we all know, our beloved during the April 23 episode of, But did you know that when her husband passed away? Watch the video above to meet baby Ellis, Mer-Der’s beautiful daughter! If you were shocked by this baby news, you weren’t the only one! After Derek’s funeral, Meredith left Seattle with Zola and Bailey and didn’t let anyone know where she was going.

Meredith’s friends spent months trying to locate her with no luck. It wasn’t until Meredith gave birth to baby Ellis that saw his friend again. Soon after, Meredith returned home with her children to face her new life. “All I have to do,” she said on her first day back at work, “is begin.” The carousel never stops turning.

Meredith returns home with Zola, Bailey and Ellis. Shortly before Derek’s death, he tells his wife he wants another baby. What’s next for Meredith? Watch all-new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c.


: Meredith Has Derek’s Baby on Grey’s Anatomy! | Grey’s Anatomy

Does Meredith become chief of general surgery again?

With the support of Alex, Meredith returns to Seattle with the children and is later appointed Chief of General Surgery by Bailey.

How long was Meredith deaf for?

“If you’re not ready to fight, the silences will kill you,” Meredith Grey forewarns at the beginning of Thursday’s midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, The introduction was intended as a powerful message about the female voice in the workplace, about the importance of speaking up and making yourself heard.

But the message proves to be hauntingly telling when the episode, aptly titled “The Sound of Silence,” spends a significant amount of time in deafening quiet, after a brutal attack by a patient with brain damage leaves Meredith with her jaw wired shut and damage to her ears rendering her temporarily deaf.

The episode was directed by Denzel Washington and star Ellen Pompeo admitted that having the two-time Oscar winner on board gave her the confidence and inspiration to tackle the difficult storyline. EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Pompeo Not Sure If ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Can ‘Handle’ Meredith’s Brutal Attack “I said, ‘I don’t know if the fans can handle that,'” Pompeo admitted to ET’s Nischelle Turner.

Then they hit me with ‘Oh, and Denzel is going to direct it,’ and I said, ‘OK, I’m down, I will do whatever you want me to do.” Most of the episode is told from Meredith’s perspective, meaning that the audience spends a good chunk of the first 30 minutes in silence, as the doctor watches her Grey-Sloan Memorial colleagues leap into action, cataloguing and treating her injuries.

“You can’t work on your family,” Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) warns the surgeons, as Meredith’s sister-in-law Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) freezes up, going almost catatonic. “Everyone in this damn room is her family,” Alex (Justin Chambers) snaps in response.

WATCH: These ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Bloopers Have Us Missing McDreamy! Meredith’s hearing returns, but it takes longer to regain her good spirits as she deals with the trauma of the attack and estrangement from her three kids, who are scared by her wired-bound jaw, as well as her fractured relationship with Amelia, who relapses into addiction after blaming herself for not responding to her sister-in-law’s page on the day of the incident.

“You need to forgive her, Meredith,” Richard tells her finally, wheeling her outside for some fresh air. “Forgive her for not being Derek, for being the wrong Shepherd. Just enough to remind you of what’s missing, but not enough to bring him back. That’s not her fault.” The former chief of surgery goes on to remind Meredith that Amelia’s not the only one who needs her forgiveness.

There’s her late husband Derek, who “died too soon,” new Grey-Sloan resident Penelope Blake who was one of the doctors who failed to save Derek’s life after his car accident last season, and of course, Meredith’s attacker, a soft-spoken father of two named Lou, who woke up from his seizure with no memory of the violence he had committed.

WATCH: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Address Series’ Future: ‘This Show Is a Vampire, It Can’t Be Killed’ Eventually, she agrees to meet with Lou and the two share a silent, solemn moment after he tearfully apologizes. Later, she also reconnects with her kids and gives Alex the push forward he needs to return to the loft with Jo (Camilla Luddington).

I just spent six weeks in a bed, unable to speak,” Meredith tells him. “When that happens, you see things. There’s a lot of things that people don’t say to each other that they should just say. So I need you to hear me when I say this: I know I’ve needed you a lot lately. But I also know, and I have known for a long time, that Jo loves you.

‘Post-it on the wall,’ loves you.” “Don’t ignore that,” she adds. “You can have more than one person. I used to think you couldn’t but now I know. I mean, turns out, I have a whole damn village.” EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Pompeo Not Sure If ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Can ‘Handle’ Meredith’s Brutal Attack

What felony did DeLuca commit?

Why is DeLuca in jail on Grey’s Anatomy? – When Derek Shepherd died in a car accident gone very wrong on Season 11, we thought that Meredith might not find another epic love story on the show. But, she dated some duds — no offense to Dr. Nathan Riggs — before she connected with DeLuca, who was really there all along (well, maybe not, since he was dating Meredith’s sister at one point). What Law Did Meredith Grey Break Meredith and DeLuca embarked on a physical relationship at the beginning of Season 15, and he continually tested her to prove that there wasn’t more of a connection. Meredith, being Meredith of course, wouldn’t let herself be completely happy, and she even toyed with a love triangle including Dr.

  1. Link. Article continues below advertisement Things fell apart for the finally happy couple when Meredith performed an operation on a patient who didn’t have health insurance because she was in America under asylum.
  2. Meredith still operated on the patient, and she even used her daughter’s name to give the patient the illusion of health insurance on paper.

It was discovered when the health insurance company came to the hospital and Dr. Bailey and Catherine Fox realized what had happened. Article continues below advertisement When DeLuca was brought in for questioning, he ended up taking responsibility for the insurance fraud, even though he was not actually involved.

He was carted off to jail, and he noted that it wouldn’t have been fair to Meredith’s three kids for her to go to prison. Alex and Richard also take part of the blame in the issue, by saying that they knew what Meredith was doing and they failed to stop her. The pair, along with Andrew, were all fired from the hospital.

Of course, the season ended on a huge cliffhanger, as Meredith ultimately confessed her actions to Dr. Bailey, and then we see her at the police station filing a report. Article continues below advertisement

Why did Bailey fire Meredith?

Storyline – Miranda Bailey married Tucker Jones ten years prior to the beginning of Meredith Grey ‘s internship. Her future Chief Richard Webber attended her wedding with his wife, Adele. She is a Wellesley College graduate. She is introduced to the interns as “The Nazi” in the first season premiere because of her tough personality and blunt attitude.

When she was still a resident, Webber once pointed out that she disliked nearly every attending she worked under; the attendings take her seriously due to her formidable reputation as an excellent surgeon. Off the bat, she tells her interns to “not bother sucking up cause I already hate you and that’s not going to change”; however, Miranda’s more motherly and protective side is exhibited, as she is shown to care about not only her patients but also her colleagues.

She is protective of her interns, as shown when she warns Derek to stay away from Meredith. Miranda stays beside Cristina’s side as she recovers from surgery. It is later revealed that she has been married to her husband Tucker Jones ( Cress Williams ) for ten years and that she is pregnant.

Her son is born during a bomb scare at Seattle Grace while her husband is being treated in surgery for injuries from a car crash. George O’Malley helped her through labor, and she thanked him by naming her son William George Bailey Jones (though he is nicknamed “Tuck”). Bailey adjusts to becoming a parent and reconciling this with her desire to continue her career as a surgeon.

Her professional confidence was shaken and questioned by other surgeons when Izzie Stevens cut Denny Duquette’s LVAD wire and Denny subsequently died. Christina kept Burke’s secret about his disabled hand, and Bailey felt that she wasn’t in control of her interns and that she was ultimately responsible for these incidents.

  1. Dr. Richard Webber, Chief of Surgery, comforts her saying “You raised them like babies, and some of them turn out just like you”.
  2. Disillusioned by how little she can help patients as a surgeon, Bailey pushes to open a free clinic at Seattle Grace.
  3. Izzie helps pay for it from a multi-million dollar bequest from Denny Duquette, whom she had loved.

Bailey loses the post of Chief Resident to Callie Torres, In season 4, Bailey decides to back up Callie Torres in her post of Chief Resident, which the Chief observes. He says that he made a mistake in not choosing Bailey in the first place. Realizing that she cannot balance her responsibilities as chief resident and direct the clinic, Bailey chooses Izzie Stevens for the position in order to have more time for her family and her career.

Bailey realizes that she has become somewhat bored with General Surgery and may need a change of specialty. She became drawn to Pediatric surgery after working on a number of pediatric cases and working closely with Arizona Robbins, a pediatric surgeon, who convinces her to apply for a pediatric fellowship.

Chief Webber, who had taught her general surgery and previously offered her a position as an attending surgeon, is unhappy with Bailey’s decision to leave the specialty he trained her for, and discourages her at every opportunity, giving her an uninspiring letter of recommendation and purchasing a surgical robot to lure her back to General Surgery.

Ultimately, Bailey decides to continue to pursue her career in general surgery after her husband threatens her with divorce if she accepts the fellowship offer. Bailey accepts the position as an attending general surgeon and divorces her husband for presenting her with the ultimatum, stating she will not have the time to learn a new specialty as a single mother.

When Izzie Stevens is diagnosed with cancer that has a 5% survival rate, Bailey supports Stevens through her rounds of chemo and cancer treatments. In season 6, after declining a fellowship in Pediatrics, Bailey starts as an Attending in General Surgery.

She begins a relationship with an anesthesiologist from Mercy West, Ben Warren, who joined the staff after the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West. In the final of the season, a gunman enters the hospital, believing that the staff had failed his wife. He shoots several people, including resident Charles Percy.

Due to an order to shut down the elevators, Dr. Bailey is unable to get Charles to an operating room to perform the surgery he needs. Charles dies in Miranda’s lap. As Miranda comforts him, Charles says, “You were always my favorite, I thought you should know”.

Distraught by these experiences, Bailey takes time off to visit her parents with her son. On her return in the first episode of the season 7, she breaks up with Ben. Mary Portman, the patient with whom she bonded with while trying to save Charles, returns for her scheduled surgery, which appears to go well, but she does not wake up, and the cause is never discovered.

Miranda starts on a quest to cure fistulas and encounters a nurse, Eli, whom she starts dating. Bailey is offended when Meredith violates the rules of the Alzheimer’s clinical trial in order to help the Chief’s wife. She resents Meredith because the Chief resigns as head of surgery due to this.

  1. Bailey resumes control of Ellis Grey’s Diabetes trial, and Webber pushes her to forgive Meredith and choose her as staff for the trial.
  2. She breaks off her relationship with Eli, not wanting to pursue it further, and renews her relationships with Ben the anesthesiologist.
  3. She eventually moves in with him, but he gains a surgical internship in California.

They become engaged nonetheless, and new interns at Seattle Grace-Mercy West refer to her as BCB (“Booty Call Bailey”): whenever Ben is in town she is giddy and has sex with him as much as possible. On the way to her wedding, Bailey is pulled in to perform surgery on Richard’s wife, Adele.

  • After saving Adele, she returns to the venue and marries Ben.
  • She launches a genome mapping program, and Meredith is the first one to test it.
  • In season 9, an investigation takes place on Bailey after three of her patients contracted an infection and died.
  • It concludes that Bailey was an asymptomatic carrier of the MRSA bacteria and transmitted the infection via a new brand of gloves that the hospital had used that were shown to be permeable.

Despite being cleared of wrongdoing, after the investigation, Bailey shuts everyone out for some time, because feeling that she is dirty and contaminated. She blamed Dr. Webber the most for abandoning her and avoids him altogether. Eventually, her husband, Ben, flies to Seattle to get her out of the genome lab.

  • Ben says that he has dropped out of residency to spend more time with her and Tuck.
  • Bailey is not impressed by this decision and starts exhibiting some odd behaviors, later she is diagnosed with OCD after what happened with the CDC investigation.
  • Though initially resistant to see a therapist and take medication, Bailey is able to resume her surgical career.

In season 14, Bailey is promoted to Chief of Surgery. She gets very upset when Ben shows interest as a firefighter, after the finale of season 13 when Dr. Edwards sets fire in Grey Sloan Memorial to defend herself from the rapist. Later that season, Miranda Bailey gets hospitalized due to a heart attack.

  1. In Season 15, Bailey takes a stress sabbatical and has Alex Karev become interim chief of surgery.
  2. She returns to her job several months later.
  3. In Season 16, Bailey fires Meredith after she commits insurance fraud to save one of her patients.
  4. Shortly after, she is told by Maggie that she is both pregnant with her second child and perimenopausal.

In the fall finale of Season 16, Bailey suffers a miscarriage. Bailey also fosters a teenage boy, Joey Phillips. In Season 17, as Grey-Sloan treats patients for COVID-19, Bailey feels guilty as she has just moved her parents into a local nursing home. Her guilt magnifies after her mother is hospitalized with the virus.

  • Bailey sings to her mother as she succumbs to the disease, and decides to go back to work shortly after, resisting attempts by Richard and Jackson to convince her to take personal time.
  • In Season 18, while the hospital is undergoing investigations due to the failing residency class, Bailey quits and gives her Chief of Surgery position to Meredith.

In Season 19, Bailey returns as an attending general surgeon.

Does Karev go to jail?

Storylines – Alex’s mother had a mental illness, and his father was often absent, as well as often becoming violent towards him and his mother. Alex began wrestling in high school, and eventually physically confronted his father, after which, his father did not return.

Alex has a younger brother, Aaron, and a younger sister, Amber; they were all placed in foster care for 5 years. Though Aaron and Amber only had a few foster families, Alex went through 17 foster families in 5 years before he reunited with his siblings. It is revealed in later seasons that Aaron was diagnosed with schizophrenia and tried to kill Amber.

Alex was present when Aaron had to be committed to a psychiatric ward. Alex secured a position in the surgical residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital after graduating from the University of Iowa, He initially makes a poor impression meeting his fellow interns Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ), Cristina Yang ( Sandra Oh ), George O’Malley ( T.R.

Knight ) and Izzie Stevens ( Katherine Heigl ) whom he later taunts when he discovers she used to be a lingerie model. After initial disagreements, Alex reveals to Izzie that his father was a heroin addict who used to beat his mother. He became a wrestler so he could defend his mother, and attended university on a wrestling scholarship.

He and Izzie begin a friendship. At the end of the first season, George contracts syphilis from Alex through nurse Olivia Harper, causing animosity between the two. Alex asks Izzie out on a date, but he is thrown by the news that he has failed his medical board exams.

Izzie is offended since he pays no attention to her during their date and so informs him that she no longer wants to go out with him. He later freezes during an emergency operation, needing George to take over from him. Alex’s relationship with Izzie is damaged when he experiences erectile dysfunction with her.

He goes on to sleep with Olivia again, and is caught by Izzie and they break up. After retaking his exams, Alex manages to pass, and reunites with Izzie after a bomb scare in the hospital, They break up again, however, when Izzie falls for cardiothoracic patient Denny Duquette,

Alex helps Izzie recover from Denny’s death and tries to rekindle their relationship but Izzie backs away, since she is still in the process of getting over her loss and they remain friends. Alex spends a period of time working under neonatal surgeon Dr. Addison Montgomery ( Kate Walsh ), and though he is later released to work for plastic surgeon Dr.

Mark Sloan ( Eric Dane ), he finds his interest returning to Addison’s specialty. Addison is attracted to Alex, and the two share a kiss and later sleep together. In the aftermath of a ferry accident, Alex rescues a pregnant woman ( Elizabeth Reaser ) who awakens with amnesia, and grows close to Alex as he helps her forge an identity for herself, picking out the name Ava.

After she gives birth to her daughter, Ava’s memory eventually returns, although she tries to hide it from Alex, as she had recently left a bad marriage. He convinces her to tell him her true identity, and she reveals herself to be Rebecca Pope. Alex turns her down after realizing she’s married, feeling that he is not good enough for her.

Rebecca returns and she and Alex sleep together before she goes back to her husband. Alex has a brief relationship with intern Lexie Grey ( Chyler Leigh ), but chooses to be with Rebecca, when she returns and tells him she is pregnant. After Rebecca attempted suicide, Izzie convinces Alex to admit her for psychiatric help, due to Rebecca’s hallucinations of her pregnancy.

Alex later breaks down in Izzie’s arms, and the two kiss. Later in their relationship, Izzie begins hallucinating about Denny, and uncovers the fact she has Stage 4 metastatic melanoma with an estimated chance of 5% survival. It is revealed that Izzie’s hallucinations of Denny are, in fact, caused by her tumor.

Alex is shocked by the news, but finds the strength to stay by her side. Izzie plans a wedding for Meredith and Derek, but when Derek finds Izzie has another inoperable tumor in her brain, they give the wedding to Izzie and Alex, who marry in front of all their friends,

Izzie debates whether or not she should undergo a risky surgery to remove her tumor and Alex supports her, but eventually insists that she should have the surgery. Alex performs CPR on Izzie after she flatlines. Izzie returns to work, but is soon fired for making a treatment error that endangered the life of a patient, leaving Alex a Dear John letter and no clue as to her whereabouts.

She later returns to the hospital, when she found out Alex wasn’t the cause of her getting fired and went to make amends with him. She tells him she no longer has cancer and Alex says he is happy for her but he deserved someone who would stay. Izzie then leaves Seattle to start fresh and sends Alex divorce papers a few episodes later.

Alex re-kindles an old flame with Lexie. Alex seems to have recently found that his calling is actually Peds and not Plastics, as he had decided in the earlier seasons. Seeing Alex’s ability to handle child patients, Dr. Arizona Robbins shows an interest in mentoring him for that specialization. Alex’s brother Aaron comes to Seattle Grace for surgery, and lots of painful memories resurface because of this.

Meredith discovers Alex, along with Aaron and their sister Amber, had been in foster care for five years when their mother could not take care of them. Alex is shot in the hospital by a deceased patient’s husband, but survives with the help of Lexie and Mark.

While undergoing treatment, he asked for Izzie and told her never to leave again. Following the shooting, Lexie has a mental breakdown in front of Alex and he walks away. Dr. Bailey bars Alex from surgery until he has the bullet removed, which he later allows her to do. Alex realizes that his passion lies in pediatric surgery,

He is further shown to be excellent with children, comforting with a young patient while growing her a new trachea. He immediately gets on the wrong side of new Pediatric attending, Stark while Arizona is on leave. Alex is thrilled when Arizona returns from Africa and hopes she will come to work for the hospital again.

  1. In the meantime, Alex falls for the new OBGYN attending, Lucy Fields, and they start a relationship after she kisses him.
  2. Alex finds out about Meredith sabotaging her Alzheimer’s clinical trial and rats her out, in attempt to get Chief Resident.
  3. The adoption counselor takes away Zola, the child Meredith wanted to adopt.

Realizing his mistake, Alex apologizes to Meredith, who forgives him shortly after. As the end of the fifth year of residency is near, the surgical residents, including Alex, prepare for their board exams for the different fellowships they plan on joining.

  1. Though Alex is late for his exam, because he had to treat a patient, he ends up passing. Dr.
  2. Webber tells him that Johns Hopkins Hospital, which has the top program in the country, has been very impressed with him and has decided to create a position in pediatrics surgery for him and accepts the position.
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After finding out his decision, his current boss, Dr. Arizona Robbins, yells at him and takes his place on a plane that later crashes. Following the rescue of his colleagues, Robbins’ health deteriorates and causes her leg to be amputated. He extends his stay at Seattle Grace until a replacement for Robbins is found, but when he learns that the replacement will send the exchange program to UCLA, he decides not to leave.

  1. Arev buys Meredith’s old house from her, and Cristina becomes his roommate.
  2. Arev forms a friendship with a new intern, Jo Wilson, that eventually develops into romantic feelings towards each other.
  3. Alex admits his love for Jo, and the two kiss and become a couple.
  4. Alex’s estranged father, Jimmy, who he hasn’t seen in 18 years, is admitted to the ER as a patient.

Unknowing that Alex is his son, Jimmy confides in Alex that he had another family that he hasn’t seen in years. This made Alex upset and he punches Jimmy at the bar. His father returns, experiencing symptoms of withdrawal and hallucinations of the past, where more is revealed about Alex’s childhood.

  • Jimmy tells Alex he knows that he is his son and Alex yells at him.
  • His dad later goes into cardiac arrest and is brought into surgery, his fate is unknown.
  • Alex kisses Jo at April’s wedding, wanting to start a family with her.
  • That night, his dad dies, due to a mistake by intern, Shane Ross, and Alex is upset.

He punches Ross and is later comforted by Meredith. Upon the completion of his fellowship in Pediatric Surgery, Alex is given an offer to work at Dr. Oliver Lebackes’ private practice office, claiming that he will have more flexible hours and “a big fat paycheck”.

He later discovers that he isn’t happy working at the private practice and expresses a desire to return full-time to Grey Sloan. When Cristina leaves for Switzerland, she leaves Alex her share of the board, including her seat. Alex is fired by Dr. Lebackes, when Maggie Pierce accidentally reveals to him that Karev was thinking about leaving the job.

Webber recommended Bailey to fill Yang’s board seat after she left, so Bailey and Alex fight over the chair. They both make presentations to the board and eventually Bailey wins, with a unanimous vote in her favor. He is hired back as an attending pediatric surgeon and takes over full-time as Arizona pursues a fellowship with Dr.

  1. Herman. Alex continues to date Jo and his friendship with Meredith grows stronger than ever, with him taking on the role of her new person.
  2. When Derek dies and Meredith runs away, Alex is upset by her leaving without telling him where she went and calls her every day.
  3. Eventually she calls him, tells him she is okay, and to stop calling.

When she goes into labor and gives birth to Ellis Shepherd, Alex goes to see her since he is her emergency contact. She asks to move back in with him in her old house. Alex sells Meredith back the house and he and Jo rent a loft. In the third episode of the twelfth season, Jo finds an invoice from the fertility clinic, housing Izzie and Alex’s frozen embryos.

  1. She then gets jealous of Alex wanting to have babies with Izzie.
  2. Alex and Jo continue to struggle with their relationship.
  3. When Karev proposes to her, Jo tells him she can’t marry him, so he breaks up with her.
  4. Later, Alex realizes that he misses Jo and gets her back.
  5. They seem to be doing well for some time, until Alex brings up marriage again and the two fight, as Jo still continues to argue that she cannot marry him.

Alex storms out, leaving their relationship uncertain. Meredith and Alex lie on the grass and talk about love. On Jo rejecting his proposal, Alex then wonders, if he’ll get only one soulmate/true love and refers to Izzie. Meredith then tells him Izzie wasn’t his true love and Alex told her Izzie was his Derek.

During Owen and Amelia’s wedding, Alex realizes that even though she won’t marry him, he loves Jo and goes back to her again. However, when he arrives at their loft, he finds Jo highly intoxicated, wearing nothing but her bra and underwear, and surgical intern, Andrew Deluca, lying on top of her. Alex assumes that Deluca was attempting to take advantage of Jo while she was inebriated and is filled with rage.

He beats Deluca to a pulp with his bare hands. Andrew is badly injured, Alex realizes what he’s done and quickly rushes Deluca to the hospital. There, the doctors call the police as they struggle to save Andrew and discover who did this to him. Alex lies to everyone and says that he found Andrew in this state and brought him to Grey Sloan.

  1. However, Ben Warren is suspicious of Karev.
  2. Meredith also quickly realizes that Alex was in fact the one who beat Deluca.
  3. She covers for him and the two continue to lie to everyone in the hospital about Alex’s actions.
  4. Soon, Karev learns that Andrew wasn’t doing anything wrong and that he had beaten up a good guy.

Meredith decides that even though she loves Alex, she needs to turn him in. She goes to Bailey and tells her the truth. But, when the two rush to the police they find Alex being arrested for aggravated assault, as he had turned himself in. He is taken to jail and Meredith bails him out.

  • While they wait for a trial, Bailey suspends Alex as an attending and makes him work in the clinic.
  • Eventually, Jo finally tells Alex that the reason she couldn’t marry Alex is because she is already married.
  • Her husband is abusive and so she ran away and changed her name to Jo Wilson so that he wouldn’t find her.

Alex realizes that when Jo is called to the stand as a witness in the trial, this information about her past and lack of records under the name Jo Wilson may be revealed, and when the information goes public, her husband may find her. To keep her safe, he decides to take the plea deal without a trial, ensuring that he goes to jail for 2 years.

  1. However, when Alex tells Meredith this, she begs him not to and tells him that she can’t lose him because she’s already lost everyone else important in her life.
  2. Alex struggles to decide whether or not to take the plea deal.
  3. Meredith finds that the trial had been put off indefinitely.
  4. She assumes that he took the plea, and began calling and visiting various local jails to find him.

After a full day of searching without finding him, she goes home to sleep, and discovers him sleeping in her bed. He explains he slept there all day. He explains that during his meeting with the D.A., Deluca came in and dropped all charges. After returning to work, Alex and Jo try to ignore each other and eventually build up a tolerance of sorts towards each other.

Deluca and Alex continue to be at odds. At the end of the season, Alex hires an investigator to look for Jo’s abusive husband. The investigator finds him and tells Alex that he will be at a conference. Meredith tells him it’s a horrible idea and that he shouldn’t go, especially considering Jo doesn’t know about the situation.

Alex flies out to the conference with the intention of telling him to get out of her life, no matter the means. When he meets him, Alex decides against confronting him over Jo, avoiding exposing her current identity and location and potentially stopping himself from assaulting someone yet again.

  1. At the start of season 14, Alex and Jo start to warm to each other.
  2. Jo tells Deluca that she is still in love with Alex.
  3. Alex goes to Jo and tells her that he could never abuse her like her husband did, because he dealt with the same trauma as a kid as his father was abusive.
  4. He then tells her that he found her husband.

Jo is taken back by this, but when Alex tells her that he didn’t kill or injure him in any way, she is relieved and finally trusts him again. They then restart their relationship and Jo is now encouraged to file for divorce against her abusive husband.

  1. In the seventh episode, there was a pregnant Izzie look alike and Alex is taken aback and stammers when he talks to her.
  2. In the twenty-second episode, he finds out about his mom because she was not depositing the checks he was sending to her.
  3. When he went to Iowa to meet her mom, he finds out that she is completely fine and doing well in her life.

Initially, he is angry with her being well because it let him have a bad childhood, but after talking to Jo, he forgives her and invites her to Seattle Grace for his marriage. In the finale, he finally marries Jo. In the 15th season, he and Jo are about to move to Boston for Jo’s fellowship but then, she finally stays in Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

  • Meanwhile, Dr.
  • Bailey needed some time from her position of Chief so she announced Alex as interim Chief of Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital for 6 months.
  • Jo tells him that her birth mother lives in Pittsburgh and flies there to meet her.
  • After coming back, she doesn’t talk about it to Alex and even stops going to work, which makes Alex worry.

Later, he knew about her mental health and sends her to rehab for a month, where Jo gives him the opportunity to back off from the relationship because they were not legally married. Throughout, Alex helped Meredith to do a fraud with an insurance company to save a girl’s life and for that, Alex is fired from his position as the head of pediatric surgery at the end of the season.

  1. The following season, he marries Jo for a second time and helps save Meredith from losing her medical license.
  2. Midway through season 16, he disappeared to Iowa to see his mom, but it was revealed in the episode “Leave a Light On”, Alex reconnected with Izzie, in the weeks leading up to Meredith’s trial seeking her medical license to be reinstated.

It was during that process that he chose to reach out to Izzie because he wanted to know if she was alive, okay and willing to be there in person for Meredith’s trial. During the call, Alex heard two young voices in the background. It was then he discovered that Izzie had taken the embryos they had frozen during her cancer treatment and moved forward with IVF five to six years earlier and that they were his kids.

Why is Meredith a felon?

Organized by. Meredith’s Insurance Fraud is the insurance fraud perpetrated by Meredith Grey to save the life of Gabriella Rivera.

How long were Meredith and Derek together before he died?

Dr. Derek Shepherd – Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Fans may never recover from this one. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) — aka McDreamy, aka Meredith’s one true love — died in a car accident in season 11. “The decision to have the character die the way he did was not a difficult one in the sense of, what were the options,” show creator Shonda Rhimes said in 2015,

How many kids do Meredith and Derek have?

Derek Shepherd
Grey’s Anatomy character
Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in 2012
First appearance ” A Hard Day’s Night ” (1.01) March 27, 2005
Last appearance ” You’re My Home ” (11.24) May 14, 2015 (as series regular) ” Good as Hell ” (17.13) April 22, 2021 (as recurring star)
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey
In-universe information
Full name Derek Christopher Shepherd
Title Chief of Neurosurgery Chief of Surgery M.D.F.A.C.S.
Occupation Attending neurosurgeon Member of the Board
Family Unnamed father (deceased) Carolyn Shepherd (née Maloney; mother) Adam (uncle, deceased) Nancy Shepherd (sister) Kathleen Shepherd (sister) Liz Shepherd (sister) Amelia Shepherd (sister) 9 unnamed nieces via Nancy, Kathleen and Liz 4 unnamed nephews via Nancy, Kathleen and Liz Christopher Shepherd (nephew via Amelia, deceased) Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln (nephew via Amelia) Lucas Adams (nephew) Lexie Grey (sister-in-law, deceased) Mark Sloan (best friend, declared brother, deceased) Maggie Pierce (sister-in-law) Molly Grey-Thompson (sister-in-law) Laura Thompson (niece-in-law) Unnamed niece or nephew-in-law (via Molly)
Spouse Addison Montgomery ​ ​ ( m.1996; div.2008) ​ < Meredith Grey ​ ( m.2009) ​
Children Zola Grey Shepherd Derek Bailey Shepherd Ellis Shepherd
Alma mater Bowdoin College Columbia University

Derek Christopher Shepherd, M.D., F.A.C.S., also referred to as ” McDreamy “, is a fictional surgeon from the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, portrayed by actor Patrick Dempsey, He made his first appearance in the pilot episode, ” A Hard Day’s Night “, which was broadcast on March 27, 2005.

Derek was married to Addison Montgomery ( Kate Walsh ) before their divorce in 2007. Before his death in 2015, Derek was happily married to his longtime partner and wife Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ). The couple had three children together. Shepherd was formerly the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West (now Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital) but abruptly resigned from his position as Chief in season 7 following the shooting.

Dempsey was nominated for the 2006 and 2007 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series Drama for the role, and the 2006 SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series.

Is Meredith leaving GREY Sloan?

LOS ANGELES – Ellen Pompeo addressed her departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” in a social media post dedicated to the show’s fans on Thursday. “I am eternally grateful and humbled by the love and support you have all shown me, Meredith GREY and the show for 19 seasons!” the actress, 53, wrote in an Instagram post.

Through it all.none of it,would have been possible without the best fans in the world,” she continued. “You all are RIDERS and you all have made the ride so fun and ICONIC!! I love you madly and appreciate you right back.” SEE ALSO: Cast members from ‘Frozen,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘black-ish’ honored as Disney legends at D23 Expo Pompeo teased that this won’t be the last time viewers will see Meredith Grey, the character she has played for more than 400 episodes since “Grey’s Anatomy” debuted in 2005.

“This isn’t your first time on the rollercoaster. you know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back to visit,” her post concluded. “With a lot of love and immense gratitude XoE.” What Law Did Meredith Grey Break It was revealed ahead of season 19’s premiere that Pompeo would be limiting her role on the show, appearing in only eight episodes while staying on as executive producer and continuing to provide voiceover narration for all episodes this season. Meredith announced in the midseason finale, which aired Nov.10, that she was leaving Grey Sloan Memorial for a job researching for an Alzheimer’s cure with the Catherine Fox Foundation.

Does Meredith get paralyzed?

Meredith walks, skis and speaks up after a devastating accident On May 30, 2015, Meredith awoke from a haze of anesthesia to a new reality. She had undergone eight hours of extensive surgery during which several titanium rods, screws and a steel cage were implanted in her body to realign her spine.

It was her 25th birthday.24 hours earlier, Meredith was an active, independent woman who ran half-marathons, danced in a ballet company and volunteered as an EMT on a rescue squad in Vermont. She was helping friends move into a new apartment when a piano accidentally fell directly on top of her, paralyzing her from the waist down.

Finding herself in an unfamiliar role – needing to be rescued, she managed to maintain her composure and figure out what she needed to do to get safely to the hospital. After spending a week in the surgical intensive care and inpatient units of the acute care hospital, Meredith was stable enough to be admitted to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to begin her journey of recovery.

  • When Meredith first came to Spaulding, she was almost completely dependent on others.
  • She couldn’t roll over in bed, sit up, get dressed, stand or shower unassisted.
  • She had minimal feeling in her legs.
  • Meredith worked with many different specialists on her rehabilitation team, including an occupational therapist who helped her get back to essential activities such as dressing herself She also worked with a physical therapist on motor training and muscle strengthening.

“The therapists push you hard,” said Meredith. “They push you beyond your comfort zone to really find your strength despite your injuries.” Meredith made tremendous strides during her time at Spaulding. She was discharged home after one month. Despite needing a wheelchair most of the time, she was already able to walk short distances using a walker and leg braces.

The thought of walking at one point had been just a distant dream,” said Meredith. Today, Meredith is doing remarkably well. She has since relocated to Boston permanently and continues to build her strength as a participant in Spaulding’s Adaptive Sports program and aquatic outpatient therapy. She has become an independent monoskier, received her national classification for Paralympic swimming, and regularly participates in adaptive rock climbing.

Meredith has also returned to work fulltime as a Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure Clinical Specialist for a major medical device corporation. Additionally, Meredith has shared her story as a featured speaker at multiple speaking engagements, including Winterfest, Spaulding Professional Council’s annual fundraising event, and The 2016 Vermont EMS Conference.

What happens in Season 13 episode 11 of GREY’s anatomy?

Meredith tries to track down Alex ELLEN POMPEO Last week’s episode may have thrown us for a very unexpected loop, as we didn’t really get all the information we wanted about Alex’s legal issues thanks to a not-so-fun prison field trip. But now Maggie and Meredith are hard at work, scouring the internet for details on Alex’s case — not that they’re having much luck.

When they find his case number, the only detail they manage to come across is that he could possibly be facing 30 years to life in prison. JK, that’s not Alex’s case — Maggie mistyped a digit when searching through the database and, as it turns out, Alex’s trial has actually been indefinitely postponed, leading Meredith to believe that the Evil Spawn followed through with his threat to turn himself in and take that plea deal.

To sum things up, Alex is likely in jail. And Jo doesn’t seem to be taking it very well. In fact, Jo has a bit of an attitude today because she’s pretty sure it’s her fault that Alex is locked up. Ben is feeling a little sorry for her, and he tries apologize to her in the locker room, but she isn’t in the mood to hear it.

She also isn’t in the mood to deal with her patient, a hockey player whose teammate is currently living through your worst nightmare: The left side of his face was sliced open by someone’s skate. (Umm, ouch.) After listening to Jo yell at him in the emergency room, Ben tries to console her again toward the end of the hour, but she is still having NONE of it.

Speaking of people who are having none of it, it’s Eliza first day at Grey Sloan. While she gears up to prove to the rest of the attendings that she’s the HBIC, Webber and gang — Jackson, April, Maggie, and Arizona — are getting ready for war. They create an elaborate scheme to make Eliza’s first day a living hell by plotting to keep her out of all the O.R.s and sassing her like nobody’s business.

But the plan turns out to be a (poorly executed) bust when Eliza catches on to what’s happening and sort of snitches on everyone. Bailey’s solution is to call an emergency staff meeting with everyone except Dr. Webber, but her request is ignored — by everyone except Dr. Webber, who shows up to basically reiterate to Bailey that he’s still pissed about being replaced.

NEXT: Owen worries about Amelia Elsewhere, Amelia is MIA, and Owen is (rightfully) freaking out. He hasn’t seen her since she left him that note and bolted on him. The good news is that Amelia is safe (and sober, which is all Owen was worried about). She’s hiding out at Stephanie’s house and eating up all of her yogurt while Stephanie is feeling guilty for lying to Owen and allowing Amelia to hide out at said house and eat said yogurt.

Aware of Stephanie’s discomfort, Amelia makes sure to let her know once more not to let Owen know where she is because Owen “will try to fix it, and it can’t be fixed.” Ugh. Meanwhile, Arizona and Leah start off their day FaceTiming a young woman named Mindy (Kate Miner), who’s currently going into labor in the front seat of a taxi.

While rushing to the hospital, Mindy and the cab driver get into an accident, which results in a fractured pelvis for Mindy, who now needs an emergency C-Section. But what would a car accident on Grey’s Anatomy be without a twist? The twist is that Mindy and the driver actually got into an accident with Mindy’s husband, Brian.

  1. And Brian is feeling pretty guilty about it, much like Arizona, who told Mindy to put her feet on the dashboard seconds before the accident.
  2. To sum things up a little, as Arizona is trying her best to save Mindy, she allows Leah to step in on an emergency surgery with the baby.
  3. Both patients end up being safe in the end, and Arizona goes home to DeLuca and admits that she misses her resident pediatric surgeon Alex.

But DeLuca has no idea what she’s talking about or why she could possibly miss him. Cut to Meredith, who’s finally getting home after a long and exhausting day of trying to track down Alex. She’s ready to throw in the towel when she climbs into her bed and — surprise! — Alex, who was actually never in jail, is in her bed.

What happens in season 7 episode 13 of GREY’s anatomy?

Episode Info – Meredith feels left out when Derek breaks ground on his clinical trial; Bailey’s new idea does not go over well with the Chief; Callie irritates her new obstetrician (Rachael Taylor).

Genre: Drama Network: ABC Air Date: Feb 3, 2011 Directed By: Written By:

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What happens in Season 13 episode 23 of GREY’s?

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13, Episode 23 Tomatometer Not Yet Available Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Not enough ratings to calculate a score. The doctors of Grey Sloan encounter a difficult case involving a dangerous patient; Owen receives life-changing news that pushes Amelia to step up to support him; Alex attends a medical conference after making a shocking discovery.

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  2. Eep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! The percentage of approved Tomatometer critics who have given this title a positive review.
  3. When individual episodes have scores, they will influence the final season score.
  4. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time.

: Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13, Episode 23

What happens in season 7 episode 21 of GREY’s anatomy?

ABC | Air Date: May 12, 2011 Starring: Eric Dane, James Pickens Jr., Sara Ramirez, Kim Raver, Chyler Leigh, Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Jesse Williams (II) Summary: Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge, Owen conducts formal interviews for the Chief Resident position, Cristina grows increasingly defiant, Alex and Lucy’s undefined relationship gets tested, and Jackson suddenly backs out of the Webber’s diabetes trial.