What Prison Was Law Abiding Citizen Filmed At?

What Prison Was Law Abiding Citizen Filmed At
Want to see inside a Philadelphia prison without handcuffs and a criminal conviction? Hollywood can help. Plenty of movies have been filmed in the city’s old Holmesburg prison and Eastern State Penitentiary in recent years: Law Abiding Citizen : Holmesburg Prison was the setting for several scenes in this 2009 movie about vigilantism, starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. Condition Red : A prison guard falls in love with an inmate in this 1995 flick, set at the Holmesburg Prison. Up Close & Personal : This 1996 movie is a romance set in the world of TV broadcast news. Michelle Pfeiffer stars as the TV reporter who gets the story when a prison riot, set at Holmesburg, breaks out. Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen: In this 2008 sequel, stars Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox take shelter in the crumbling Eastern State Penitentiary. via GIPHY Return to Paradise : Eastern State is a Southeast Asian prison in this 1998 movie starring Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn Twelve Monkeys : In this 1995 sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, Eastern State served as a futuristic mental hospital. via GIPHY Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, MTV’s Fear have all set episodes at Eastern State, WHYY is your source for fact-based, in-depth journalism and information.

Where was Law Abiding Citizen Prison filmed?

Production – Filming began in January 17, 2009 and took place in and around Philadelphia. Filming locations included Philadelphia’s City Hall, Laurel Hill Cemetery and the now closed Holmesburg Prison, Holmesburg’s “Thunderdome command center” is quite evident in the movie.

Can you tour holmesburg prison?

“a very dark part of America’s penal past” – This place is on private property. Listing for informational purposes only. Please do not visit without express permission from the land owner. Holmesburg Prison is part of the City of Philadelphia Prison System.

  • Built in 1896 and in continuous use until 1995.
  • It was the site of a controversial decades-long dermatological, pharmaceutical, and biochemical weapons research projects involving testing on inmates, Holmesburg Prison is also notable for several major riots in the early 1970s as well as a report released in 1968 of the results of an extensive two-year investigation by the Offices of the Philadelphia Police Commissioner and the District Attorney of Philadelphia documenting hundreds of cases of the rape of inmates.

The 1998 book Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison, by Allen M. Hornblum, documents clinical non-therapeutic medical experiments on prison inmates at Holmesburg. “Between 1951 and 1974, various experiments were performed on inmates at the Holmesburg Prison in Holmesburg, Pennsylvania.

  • A significant number of the Holmesburg Prison experiments were dermatologic, involving the benign use of commercial cosmetics and toiletries.
  • However, others entailed hair transplants, implantation of foreign bodies, burns and radiation of the skin, exposure to dioxin, application and ingestion of toxic, near lethal doses of retinoin A, inoculation of Staphylococcus aureus, and the yanking out of fingernails.

And even though they consented to the experiments and were given some financial compensation, they now say that the long-term effects and suffering were never part of the bargain.” The prison was the location for many of the scenes in the 1996 motion picture Up Close & Personal, the 1995 film Condition Red, the 2000 film Animal Factory, and the 2009 film Law Abiding Citizen.

“The tortuous path of prison reform in Philadelphia, which led to closing the jails to new inmates on Wednesday, began with a bloody riot at Holmesburg Prison on July 4, 1970.The riot lasted three hours; 82 prisoners and 14 guards were injured. It took 500 police to restore order, but the city prison system was changed forever.The riot was blamed on a combination of racial tensions and dungeon-like conditions.

Holmesburg, built in 1896 and declared obsolete in 1957, housed more than 1,300 prisoners, or more than twice as many as it was supposed to.In February 1971, five inmates filed a class-action suit to challenge conditions in the city’s three prisons. The suit won the dramatic ruling a year later that confinement in any city jail was “cruel and unusual punishment” in violation of the U.S.

Will there be a Law Abiding Citizen 2?

A sequel to the hit action film Law Abiding Citizen is moving forward with Kurt Wimmer returning to write the screenplay. What Prison Was Law Abiding Citizen Filmed At Overture Films After more than a decade, Law Abiding Citizen is getting a sequel. Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Kurt Wimmer, the action thriller was released in theaters in 2009. Starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, the film follows a man who takes the law into his own hands when the criminal justice system fails to properly punish his family’s killer.

  • The film was a hit at the box office, even if reviews weren’t overly kind.
  • Per Deadline, it has now been revealed that Law Abiding Citizen 2 is officially a go.
  • Butler, who also served as a producer on the original, is producing the sequel alongside fellow returning producers Wimmer, Lucas Foster, and Alan Siegel.
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Rivulet Films’ Rob Paris and Mike Witherill are also producing. Village Roadshow Pictures’ Tristen Tuckfield and Jillian Apfelbaum are executive producing. A director has not been named and it’s not clear if the plan is for Gray to return to the director’s chair, but Wimmer is penning the screenplay for the follow-up film.

No plot details have been revealed, and it’s not entirely clear if Foxx or any other actors from the original film are going to reprise their roles. However, a statement from the filmmakers teases revisiting characters introduced in the first movie. “I am delighted to partner with Rob, Mike, and Village Roadshow Pictures, together with my frequent creative partner Kurt Wimmer, to revisit these great characters and this compelling topic which seems even more relevant today than when we made the original film.

We’re going to blow your mind again,” Foster said. “We’re thrilled to partner with Rivulet on the sequel to Law Abiding Citizen,” noted Tuckfield and Apfelbaum. “It’s a title that exemplifies the scope and breadth of the Vine library. Collaborating closely with Kurt and Lucas will lend the creative authenticity necessary to make a film worthy of its predecessor.” Paris and Witherill added, “The demand for smart, star-driven action thrillers in the marketplace is palpable, and this is one of those rare unexploited franchise opportunities that was too good to pass up.”

What was filmed at Dublin jail?

R | 133 min | Biography, Drama, Thriller Neil Jordan’s historical biopic of Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, the man who led a guerrilla war against the UK, helped negotiate the creation of the Irish Free State, and led the National Army during the Irish Civil War. Director: Neil Jordan | Stars: Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Julia Roberts, Ian Hart Votes: 31,953 | Gross: $11.09M PG | 98 min | Thriller A member of British Intelligence assumes a fictitious criminal identity and allows himself to be caught, imprisoned, and freed in order to infiltrate a spy organization and expose a traitor. Director: John Huston | Stars: Paul Newman, Dominique Sanda, James Mason, Harry Andrews Votes: 4,734 | Gross: $3.30M Not Rated | 102 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller Frank is 14 years into a life sentence when he decides to break out of the London prison to set things right with his ill junkie daughter. He plans an ingenious escape requiring 4 inmates with different skills. Director: Rupert Wyatt | Stars: Brian Cox, Damian Lewis, Joseph Fiennes, Seu Jorge Votes: 17,051 | Gross: $0.01M PG | 85 min | Adventure, Comedy, War An aging Sir Hector Geste (Trevor Howard) takes a young greedy wife who’s after his famed Blue Water sapphire, but his sons hide the gem and join the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. Director: Marty Feldman | Stars: Marty Feldman, Ann-Margret, Michael York, Peter Ustinov Votes: 2,458 PG | 100 min | Thriller A war veteran tries to investigate the murder of his son who was working as a Russian translator for the British intelligence service during the Cold War. He meets a web of deception and paranoia that seems to be impenetrable. Director: Simon Langton | Stars: Michael Caine, James Fox, Nigel Havers, John Gielgud Votes: 2,418 | Gross: $1.50M R | 93 min | Action, Crime, Drama Imprisoned Harry Lomart is a vicious, brute of a man and yet he is prepared to do his long jail term as he is confident that on his release his beautiful wife Pat will be waiting for him, but a visit from Pat brings him his worst nightmare. Director: Douglas Hickox | Stars: Oliver Reed, Jill St. John, Ian McShane, Edward Woodward Votes: 1,412 99 min | Drama, History, War The Nuremberg trials, 1946 Goering and the Nazi high command stand trial. Within the prison a dangerous mind game is being conducted by Goering and the prison guards who stand watch over the perpetrators of the Holocaust. Director: Peter Nicholson | Stars: Hannes Hellmann, Des McAleer, Robert Jezek, Matt Rippy Votes: 164 History In this third episode, Andrew charts the story of World War 1 from the British point of view – looking at the stories, the battles and the atrocities. Director: Robin Dashwood | Stars: Andrew Marr, H.H. Asquith Votes: 9 TV-PG | 49 min | Action, Adventure, Drama The team are called to an old prison where a tourist has mysteriously vanished. While there, former team leader Danny Quinn unexpectedly reemerges through an anomaly and Ethan’s true identity is revealed. Director: Mark Everest | Stars: Ciarán McMenamin, Andrew Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Ben Miller Votes: 266 28 titles.

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What movie was filmed in Eastern State Penitentiary?

Among others, the penitentiary served as backdrop for 1995 film ‘ 12 Monkeys ‘ and can also be seen in more recent blockbuster ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.’ Plan your visit today, and be sure to find our ‘Movies at ESP’ audio tour stop to learn more.

Are ADX prisoners allowed visitors?

Visiting Hours at ADMAX Florence United States Penitentiary: –

Visiting to the penitentiary occurs on Thursdays, Fridays, weekends, and federal holidays. Visiting hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on each of these days.A prisoner is allowed 5 visits per month.One visit can last up to 7 hours, however, visits may be terminated if overcrowding occurs in the visiting room.Inmates can have no more than 3 visitors at once, including children.New visitors will not be processed into the visiting area after 2:00 P.M.Vending machines are available for the visitors.Prior to entering the visiting room, visitors will be required to clear a metal detector search.Visitors cannot leave the facility and come back to visit again later in the day.An offender can request up to 20 people on their visiting list. One may not visit unless they are an approved member of the inmate’s visiting list.Physical contact is limited to occasional hand holding and an embrace at the beginning and end of each visit.Visitors may bring the following items into the visiting room:

A clear change purse – no larger than 8″ x 8″Up to $25.00 in bills no larger than $5CombPrescription medicationsJewelryA clear diaper bag with up to 6 containers of sealed baby food or formula, 6 empty plastic bottles, 6 diapers, and a baby blanket

What is the roughest penitentiary in the United States?

United States Penitentiary, Florence Administrative Maximum Facility

Location in Colorado Show map of Colorado Show map of the United States Show all
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Fremont County, near Florence, Colorado
Coordinates 38°21′23″N 105°05′43″W  /  38.35639°N 105.09528°W Coordinates : 38°21′23″N 105°05′43″W  /  38.35639°N 105.09528°W
Status Operational
Security class Administrative Maximum
Population 341 inmates (August 2022)
Opened January 1995
Managed by Federal Bureau of Prisons
Warden William True
Website www,bop,gov /locations /institutions /flm /

The United States Penitentiary, Florence Administrative Maximum Facility ( USP Florence ADMAX ), commonly known as ADX Florence, is an American federal prison in Fremont County near Florence, Colorado, It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice,

  1. ADX Florence, which opened in 1994, is classed as a supermax or “control unit” prison, thus providing a higher, more controlled level of custody than a maximum security prison,
  2. ADX Florence forms part of the Federal Correctional Complex, Florence (FCC Florence), which is situated on 49 acres (20 hectares) of land and houses different facilities with varying degrees of security, including the United States Penitentiary, Florence High,

ADX Florence was commissioned when the Federal Bureau of Prisons needed a unit designed specifically for the secure housing of those prisoners most capable of extreme violence toward staff or other inmates. As of August 2022, there are a total of 341 inmates housed.

What is Holmesburg Prison used for now?

Coordinates : 40°02′14″N 75°01′08″W  /  40.037123°N 75.018779°W Holmesburg Prison seen from the air. Holmesburg Prison, given the nickname “The Terrordome,” was a prison operated by the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Prisons (PDP) from 1896 to 1995. The facility is located at 8215 Torresdale Ave in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia,

It was decommissioned in 1995 when it closed. As of today, the structure still stands and is occasionally used for prisoner overflow and work programs. It was the site of controversial decades-long dermatological, pharmaceutical, and biochemical weapons research projects involving testing on inmates,

The experiments and research conducted on prisoners soon influenced ethical standards that are used today in modern research. The creation of the Nuremberg Code with the rule of informed consent was drafted based on this case as well as several others, like the Tuskegee experiments in Alabama.The prison is also notable for several major riots in the early 1970s as well as a report released in 1968, the results of an extensive two-year investigation by the Offices of the Philadelphia Police Commissioner and the District Attorney of Philadelphia documenting hundreds of cases of the rape of inmates.

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Did Jamie Foxx change the script of Law Abiding Citizen?

10 Movies That Almost Had Much Better Endings What Prison Was Law Abiding Citizen Filmed At Overture Films

  • The Actual Ending
  • After spending the entire movie launching his preposterous – and preposterously entertaining – revenge crusade against the broken American legal system, vigilante Clyde Shelton’s (Gerard Butler) plan to blow up City Hall and kill the Mayor backfires horribly.
  • Ultimately, our thoroughly unlikeable attorney “hero” Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) discovers the bomb and plants it in Shelton’s own jail cell without him knowing, killing him and saving the day.
  • The One We Almost Got
  • Though it’s often stated that Jamie Foxx insisted upon the film’s original ending being changed, that’s actually not true at all according to,
  • However, it is true that the story went through numerous iterations during shooting, as the filmmakers struggled to reconcile how much more likeable Clyde was than Nick.
  • As a result, though most of the other planned endings still resulted in Clyde’s death, they were decidedly less charitable to Nick than in the final cut.
  • One proposed ending saw Nick actually killing Clyde by hand, resulting in him ending up in jail and making a deal with the DA, effectively turning him into the new Clyde and ensuring that the cynical, corrupt legal system continues to perpetuate.
  • Why It Would’ve Been Better
  • The theatrical finale leaves a sour taste because Nick’s happy ending, where he sits down to watch his daughter’s musical recital, just doesn’t feel remotely earned.
  • There’s not much of a feeling that he’s really changed in any way, and so his “victory” over Clyde feels completely hollow and unsatisfying.
  • The alternate ending is a fairer compromise, in that while it still ends with the fan favourite character dead, at least Nick is also forever tarnished by his behaviour.

First Posted On: 6 th Mar 2020

Why was Dublin called black pool?

Dubh Linn and Dublin – A large pool once existed at the confluence of the River Poddle with the Liffey, which was wider then. This water in the pool was dark, probably due to peat staining, and so it was named dubh linn in Irish, which means dark pool or black pool,

What is the famous Jail in Dublin?

Event price: Access to Kilmainham Gaol is by guided tour only. Before its closure in 1924, Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol housed some of the most famous political and military leaders in Irish history. The prison is considered a must see in Dublin and offers a panoramic insight into some of the most profound, disturbing and inspirational themes of modern Irish history.

  1. Pre booking online is essential.
  2. Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol held some of the most famous political and military leaders in Irish history such as Robert Emmet, Charles Stewart Parnell, the 1916 Rising leaders and Eamon de Valera.
  3. If for no other reason, Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin would be remarkable for being the biggest unoccupied gaol in these islands.

As such, it gives the visitor a dramatic and realistic insight into what is was like to have been confined in one of these forbidding bastions of punishment and correction between 1796 when it opened and 1924 when it closed. It offers a panoramic insight into some of the most profound, disturbing and inspirational themes of modern Irish history.

Leaders of the rebellions of 1798, 1803, 1848, 1867 and 1916 were detained and sometimes executed here. The Gaol also played a role during the harsh Famine times. The visit includes a 1 hour guided tour and exhibition. It is a very busy site. Pre booking online is essential. You don’t need to print out tickets, just retain your order number.

Only the ground floor is wheelchair accessible and a ground floor tour can be organised if needed; please email (don’t book online in this case). Buggies are not permitted on the tour and it is not really appropriate for younger children under 6 years.

What movie was filmed at Kilmainham jail?

All the prison scenes in the 1969 classic The Italian Job were actually filmed in Kilmainham Jail, in Dublin! The East Wing was painted yellow. After the filming of In The Name Of The Father in 1992, it was repainted in cream & brown, which remains to this day.1:01 PM · Mar 24, 2020 ·Hootsuite Inc.