What To Wear To A Law Firm Interview?

What To Wear To A Law Firm Interview
Standard attire for law firm interviews is business formal. This is the most strict and conservative work place attire. Your goals should be to look polished and professional – not unique, cute, memorable or trendy. Your interviewer should remember you for your answers to questions – not your attire.

What should you wear to a law school interview?

Dress for Success – Before you go into an interview, remember that how you dress is important. Your attire should reflect your professionalism and contribute to your confidence level. Make sure your clothes are clean, neat and in good repair. Shoes should be shined and well-heeled.

Wear a suit in a dark neutral color: navy, black, grey. In the most conservative law firms, suits with skirts are best, but suits with pants are now acceptable at most firms. If you wear suit with a skirt, the skirt should be no shorter than two inches above your knee. Do not wear a low-cut blouse or tight, revealing clothing. Keep makeup understated. Keep nails trimmed and use only a clear or pale shade if your nails are polished. Jewelry should be at a minimum; wear simple, non-dangling earrings and a plain bracelet, if any. Hair should be neat; if it is long, keep it controlled. Shoes should be plain pumps, 1-2 inch heel in good repair, in the same color as your suit; wear sheer hose in the same color as your suit or neutral tone. You may carry a small purse, briefcase, or portfolio.

Your suit should be a dark, neutral color, with or without a faint pinstripe; gray and navy are preferable. Your tie should match your suit – ask the sales associate if you have a question. Your tie should be conservative silk in a simple stripe or repeating pattern, and no more than 3 colors; the background color should be neutral, like navy or burgundy. Men should wear black or burgundy leather shoes, polished and un-worn heels; wing tip and plain lace up shoes are best. Socks should be over-the-calf and should match your pants – no white gym socks! White shirts are a safe bet. Your complete ensemble should be clean and pressed – especially your shirt. If your hair is long, trim it; if you have an earring, don’t wear it; if you have a beard or mustache, trim it.

How should I dress for a paralegal interview?

Is there a dress code for the modern paralegal? Is there such a thing as a dress code for the modern paralegal? When I graduated from paralegal school over two decades ago, we were told to go buy a nicely tailored navy blue and black suit. We were to pair these suits with a white dress shirt, pantyhose and closed-toe dress shoes with no more than a two to three inch heel.

  1. Wow, have times changed in 25 years! Law firms now have “casual Fridays” and “business casual” dress codes.
  2. I worked for a small law firm where every day was casual Friday.
  3. The only person in the office who wore a suit was the attorney.
  4. In contrast, I’ve also worked in an office where everyone down to the receptionist was required to wear a suit.

Regardless of the dress code for the law firm, I’m a firm believer that when you go to a paralegal interview, you should wear a suit. A suit is professional and demonstrates that you pay close attention to detail and you’re committed to your career. Some people may disagree but I prefer to err on the side of caution and overdress rather than under-dress.

First impressions do matter. Does firm size or environment matter more? Some may believe that the size of the law firm dictates the dress code but that’s an incorrect assumption. There are large and small firms that have strict, professional dress codes and there are large and small firms that have adopted a more relaxed, business casual dress code.

The dress code may have more to do with the attorneys, type, and culture of law firm than the size of the law firm. Should we dress to fit in? I hate to say that you should dress to fit in, but in some cases, especially when you’re new, that’s exactly what you may need to do to a certain extent.

  1. While we should be judged purely on our job performance and not our appearance, we still live in a society that considers appearance when forming an opinion.
  2. Men have it rather easy, they wear a suit and they fit in nicely.
  3. For women, there’s a wider range from tailored pant and skirt suits to more casual dress slacks and blouses.

You not only need to balance your wardrobe choices by the specific office dress code but, also by typical stereotypes for male and female office attire. I’ve watched many men and women come and go through law firms and the ones who fit in best with the office staff were those who paid attention to the social atmosphere as well as the dress code.

  1. They didn’t over or under-dress, but simply adapted their wardrobe to the office dress code.
  2. Do we see eye-to-eye about what to cover? I loved the comment one of my attorneys always made when I would ask him if he minded a “casual day” when neither of the other attorneys were scheduled to be the office and no clients were scheduled to come into the office that day.

He would always replay, “As long as all of the important parts are covered.” My reply, “Our idea of ‘important’ may be different.” We both laughed but my reply did have some truth to it. As social norms have changed, so have the attitudes as to what needs to be covered in a professional setting.

  • I’ve had my fair share of conversations with specific staff members, even with a relaxed dress code, about wearing shirts that were too low cut or skirts that were too high cut.
  • I have also had to address situations where staff members dressed too casually.
  • Unfortunately, it’s much easier when the law firm has a strict dress code because there isn’t much room for error.

By adopting a casual dress code, you’ll always have staff members that take advantage of it or at least attempt to take advantage of it. How should you dress for work? I wish I had all of the answers but it simply comes down to the law firm. Each law firm will have its own dress code.

When you’re hired, ask HR for a copy of the dress code. If there isn’t a written dress code, ask questions. Pay attention to how staff members are dressed when you go for your interview. Dress conservatively and professionally the first few days until you learn the dress code. Sometimes the dress code will vary according to position.

If you notice that those with more authority tend to dress more professionally, you may want to choose to imitate their dress code, especially if you want to advance in the law firm. There’s definitely something true about dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.

But, you must also temper that with the people you’re working with each day. If your co-workers believe you’re not “one of them,” it will make your job much more difficult because they won’t offer assistance or support when you need it. The modern paralegal should apply the same analytical abilities, research skills, and problem-solving skills used day-to-day to determine the proper dress code for work.

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There are thousands of articles online about dress code etiquette in the law firm. The best advice – dress as you did for your interview until you learn more about the dress code for the firm. Always dress professionally regardless of the dress code. You’re a professional at work – you’re not going out with your friends.

Should I wear a suit to a law firm interview?

What should I wear to a legal interview? In so far as interviews go, particularly in the legal profession, ‘business casual’ does not apply. First impressions count and the importance of making a good one cannot be underestimated. Whilst smart trousers and a buttoned down shirt or a wrap dress might be acceptable office wear at many firms on a day to day basis, you should always turn up to an interview reflecting your most professional self (regardless of whether it’s ‘Dress Down Friday’ at the firm you’re interviewing with!).

It would be hard to overdress for an interview, a suit is always acceptable interview attire and your safest bet. It shows you take the opportunity seriously and it’s professionally appropriate for solicitors. Although you would imagine such basic advice goes without saying, it’s staggering how much negative feedback we receive from interviewers based on candidate appearance alone.

Here are a few snippets of past feedback received from firms. ‘She turned up in a crumpled suit!’ ‘He wore brown shoes! The partners were horrified.’ ‘We wouldn’t usually comment but he had particularly bad body odour. It wouldn’t be fair to others.’ ‘He had way too much gel in his hair.’ ‘She had too many piercings.’ ‘Her tattoos were too visible.

‘Her shoes were scuffed.”She wasn’t corporate enough in her appearance.”He kept a scruffy looking jacket on for the whole interview.”He played with his keys throughout.”He put a bottle of water and his mobile phone on the desk.”She had too much makeup on/she didn’t have any makeup on’ (you can’t win!)’Her hair was a mess.’

‘He hadn’t shaved.’ (I’ve never had a firm take issue with a neatly trimmed beard). Whilst none of this feedback is relevant to how well someone can perform a job, it’s important to realise that appearances are important and rightly or wrongly you will be judged on yours.

How do you answer why do you want to work for a law firm?

How You Could Answer – “I’m confident that I can make myself stand out in your law firm because of the experience I bring and my ability to go above and beyond for clients. My key strengths include empathy for clients, investigative skills, and the ability to formulate strong arguments.

Why should we hire you legal?

Possible Answer 1: – “Over the years, I have acquired relevant skills and experience, which I shall bring to your organization. I have also worked tirelessly on my communication abilities and teamwork skills, which I will put to use in my future career, which would be in your organization if I am selected for the position.

How long are law firm interviews?

What to Expect. Call-back interviews tend to be longer and you may meet with multiple attorneys in a series of back-to-back 20-30 minute-interviews.

What should I wear to a law firm zoom interview?

As we begin Week 5 of working from home, it may be time to reconsider how you feel about Zoom interviews. With coronavirus still ravaging the country, it seems like we will be practicing social distancing for quite a while. We predict that Zoom interviews will become more commonplace and have already had candidates who interviewed using this technology.

  1. If you had previously been planning to leave your law firm, or the last month has given you some new perspective about how it’s no longer the right fit for you, it’s time to embrace Zoom for the recruiting process.
  2. Our overall advice is to keep in mind that a Zoom interview is a real interview, with real consequences to your job search and make sure to treat it accordingly.

Here are some tips that may help:


For our law firm partner clients, dress as you would to go to court or to meet with your most important client. Generally, this means a suit and a tie for the men and a dress, suit, or the equivalent for the women. (If you’re reading this and you’re in a different industry, just make sure to dress in the attire that’s expected for an in-person interview in your industry.) And please be sure to wear the whole outfit! Not only is it better for your mindset to be dressed in your business clothes for a business interview, but if you’re not wearing pants you can’t jump up and adjust the computer/lighting/microphone or get a wandering child or pet to leave the room.


Be sure that you have the strongest internet connection possible in the room you’ve chosen for the interview. Depending on where you live and how good your service is, you may want to consider getting a router booster. Make sure that you have Zoom loaded on the device you plan to use and that you know how to join the meeting and work the controls.


Everyone understands that we’re all working from home, but you should still try to find a background without less professional things like toys, dirty dishes, empty bottles of alcohol or unmade beds that make it look unprofessional. If you have a home office, that’s probably the ideal location.


You may have a favorite outfit that you wear for important hearings or closings that has always worked for you in person, but you have to remember that it may not be the same on Zoom. The person you’re speaking to is only going to see your face and part of your upper body, so what looks very professional full length may not look the same sitting down.


Everyone understands that you can’t get to the barber or salon during this time, so people will be much more forgiving than usual, but you should still give some thought to grooming. If you’re shaving, make sure your shave is fresh. If you’ve grown a “quarantine beard” just try to make sure it looks neat.


You should make sure to do a Zoom test of your sound and lighting. Is there a lot of feedback when you use your computer speakers? You may want to use Air Pods or other wireless headphones. Make sure to test them with Zoom ahead of time so that you can get comfortable with the sound.

If that’s still not sufficient for you, there are many add-on microphones you can invest in, whether something you put on your desk or a lavalier style you wear. How is your lighting? The easiest way to get good lighting is to have your computer face a source of natural light. Be sure not to have the sun behind you or it can cause shadows that change throughout the interview and may even block your face.

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Also make sure not to have any lighting in the frame that causes a glare. If the background you wish to use for the interview doesn’t have a good source of natural light nearby, there are lights you can buy for your desktop, a tripod next to your desk, or even to clip onto your computer screen.


For the best look on Zoom, you should position your device so that the camera is above you and then angle it down. This way, you will be more likely to look straight at the interviewer instead of looking down. This is easiest to do with a laptop, but can also be accomplished with an iPad or other tablet.


Everyone understands that you’re working from home and a certain amount of background noise or interruptions will be understood, but you should let everyone in your home know you’ll be on a very important video and can’t be interrupted. You should also avoid running the dishwasher or washer/dryer during this time, or having the television on in the background.


Just like for an in-person interview you check the address and make sure you know how to get there, you need to do that here. Make sure you have the Zoom link that your interviewer sent and make you know how to sign onto Zoom. Just like you leave a few extra minutes to account for possible transit delays or traffic when you head to an in-person interview, you should do so now.


Try to remember that to make your Zoom meeting as close to in-person as possible, you have to be extra engaged. This may mean leaning into the camera to make a point or slightly exaggerating your facial expressions so that your interviewer knows you’re interested in the conversation.

  • We recommend using Speaker View instead of Gallery so that your interviewer takes up more of the screen and it’s easier to seem like you are looking him or her in the eye instead of looking down.
  • Whatever you do, please don’t check your phone or other devices, send an email, or read a text during the interview.

This is the time to be completely focused on the conversation you’re having. We hope that these tips will help get you started. We’ll also be posting some videos to demonstrate. Please feel free to reach out to Gillman Strategic Group with any questions you have or any additional topics you would like us to address.

Should you wear 3 pieces to an interview?

What Suit To Wear For An Interview In 2020 What Suit To Wear For An Interview In 2020 Getting a job has never been this competitive and stressful, especially in this period when we are facing the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 things are going to be a bit tough for people who are looking for a job if they do not learn how to make a good presentation on an interview.

  • One of the best ways to stand out in an interview is your dressing.
  • How about wearing a three-piece tweed suit for an interview in 2020? The Importance Of Appearance In An Interview Experienced interviewers can easily measure your level of interest and how much you value the job position through your appearance.

Your dressing tells a lot about you and how you handle yourself in a formal setting. The corporate culture should give you a hint of how to fit easily into the workplace dynamic. Furthermore, you have seven seconds to make a good and solid first impression.

This is the point in the interview where your perfect grades and resume cease to matter. Just like any marketing technique, you have to present yourself appropriately to create more attention and interest. Finding that perfect balance on what you should wear helps in ensuring that you do not under or overdress for your interview.

Since it is important to look smart and presentable in an interview and there is no better way to achieve that than with a suit. Rocking a tweed suit can make a great statement and leave a pleasant impression on the interviewer. Besides making the first impression, wearing like a professional has a positive effect on your performance in an interview,

Feeling good about yourself gives you the right confidence and keeps you in the right moods. This is the kind of vibe that you need in the interview room. But before you decide that you are going to wear a suit, it is important to learn how people outfit themselves in that company. If you wish to work in a corporate office but can’t find the company’s dress code, then you will not go wrong by wearing a suit.

Determining The Right Suit For An Interview There are three things that you should look for when deciding which suit to wear for an interview, these are:

Color Material General design

Suit Color Experts in grooming will tell you to go for Navy blue, Charcoal, or gray suit when it comes to making a good impression in an interview. Black suits are known for use in professional events because wearing one means serious business. But black doesn’t need to be boring, a patterned material such as the herringbone gives the suit character.

What To Wear To A Law Firm Interview (For the Suit feature above ☝️) Good enough for Sean Connery, good enough for us

Ok so how about wearing a blue suit color? This will brighten your moods, while a grey one is easy on the eyes. Navy blue or charcoal suits make you appear reliable, credible, and trustworthy in the eyes of the interviewer. Queue in the tweed suit by (For the Suit feature above ☝️) Suit Material When it comes to material, you should consider the fabric and the pattern. A plain suit allows you to achieve sophistication by keeping your appearance simple. Talking of material, the only pattern that would go well with an interview is the twill or herringbone weave.

General design A good suit for an interview should have notched lapels and straight flap pockets. If you are not a fan of brands, then you can go with a custom suit which is the best way to achieve a good fitting. Most experts will recommend a two or three-button and single-breasted suit. The suit should match well with your shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and accessories.

A white or blue shirt will match well with a navy blue and grey suit. When you think about it, a three-piece 3 piece suit demands a presence. Who would not want to listen to someone wearing a tweed three-piece? Tweed Three-Piece Suit In 2020 wearing a three-piece tweed suit is the way to go.

  1. Tweed is traditional and usually associated with the elite in society.
  2. Wearing one will put you in good terms with an elderly interviewer.
  3. Advance technology in the fabric industry has made it easy to make lightweight tweed suits.
  4. The best time to wear a three-piece Tweed suit for an interview is when the weather is cold and when you are interviewing for a senior or managerial position in a company.
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However, if your wish is to stand out in a more authoritative and leadership way, then a 3 pieces tweed suit will do the trick. Conclusion The idea of wearing a three-piece tweed suit for an interview is what makes you stand out from the pack. Someone that appears unique leaves the right memorable impression on the interviewer, giving him or her a better chance of being selected.

What is the best color to wear to a job interview?

What are the best colors to wear to a job interview – ‍ Dark colors are always safe when it comes to making a first impression. Think navy, blue, gray, and black. If you are worried about wearing the wrong color, these are great options. You want to choose clothing that is professional but also shows your personality.

For example, if you love bright colors, consider wearing a dark dress with a colorful necklace. Men can take the same approach when choosing a tie. Stick to a conservative suit with a pop of color. Your outfit says a lot about you, but you want to send the right message. Make sure you don’t wear too many patterns.

Hiring managers do not want to only remember your outfit. You can get creative without looking like you are applying for a job with the circus. It’s important to accessorize properly. Your shoes and jewelry are also part of your outfit. Chose something simple and clean, and avoid overly large jewelry or heels that are too high.

What color suit is best for an interview?

#4. The Government Guy – When it comes to government jobs and the appropriate interview suit colors, you might be tempted to get granular and think there’s a difference between interviewing at City Hall vs interviewing with the FBI. You’d be wrong. The career bureaucrat interviewing you doesn’t want to hire Maverick – he wants Iceman. What To Wear To A Law Firm Interview The Black Lapel Look:

Gray Sharkskin Suit Light Blue Dress Shirt Navy Patterned Tie Mercer Black Shoes

What GPA do law firms look for?

We prefer candidates with 3.5+ GPA, law journal and moot court experience.

What GPA do big law firms look for?

What GPA Do You Need For Big Law? – Employers care about grades, let’s face it. Most top firms care only about 1L grades in the present recruiting system, Summer associate students typically fill most positions at major law firms during their 2L year after participating in their summer associate program.

What should I wear to my first day of law firm?

3. Will you Frequently be going into Court? – If your new position is a litigation job, then you will likely spend a lot of your time going into court or even working primarily from a courtroom as a District Attorney or Public Defender. If this is your new job, then you will have to wear business formal at all times.

  • Yes, I mean a full business suit on a daily basis.
  • For the men, this is a blazer, dress pants, buttoned up shirt, a tie and dress shoes.
  • Whereas, for the women, this means a blazer, under shirt, a pencil skirt or tailored pants and heels.
  • But let’s be real, wearing a suit every day can get pretty pricey.

Unless you plan on wearing the same suit each day, which I definitely don’t recommend, you may have to get creative if you want to fulfill this dress code requirement and save some money. Buying Suit Separates – One great way to save money is to purchase your suit pieces separately.

If you splurge on a $200 blazer it would definitely save you some cash to pair this blazer with a cheaper $50 matching skirt as opposed to buying the full suit for $400. Also, there’s a chance that you may already have a separate in your closet that matches the piece you’ve purchased. So consider these options before buying a full suit.

Buy Second-hand Suits – Another great way to save some cash is to purchase your suits from a consignment store. If you get uncomfortable at the thought of this option, hear me out. Many consignment stores only sell very gently used and in some cases even unworn clothing.

What personality suits a lawyer?

The Corporate Lawyer Personality Type – Practicing law in a corporation (or other large organization) requires capabilities that go beyond technical expertise alone. In these arenas, the so-called “soft” skills become core competencies for success. Trustworthiness, listening skills, emotional awareness, diplomacy, and other human relations capabilities are the coin of the realm for successful corporate lawyers.

How can I impress a law firm?

The interview is the primary opportunity for a candidate to either shine or fall on their face when it comes to pursuing an offer. The interview is the primary opportunity for a candidate to either shine – or fall on their face – when it comes to pursuing an offer.

  1. As an initial matter, you should appear professional at all times – both in dress and demeanor.
  2. This means that you should be professional to everyone you encounter, and not just the partners.
  3. You should also appear motivated.
  4. This is the second key to impressing law firms,
  5. Firms are like people – they want individuals who want them.

Firms also like individuals who are wanted. Mentioning that you have other firms interested in you can also play to your advantage.

See Top Ten Interview Questions for more information

The third key to impressing law firms is to give impressive answers to their questions. This requires serious preparation. A candidate should be ready to answer every obvious and likely question. This includes questions about their resume, their work at their current firm, why they are on the market, what they are looking for in a firm, etc.

You should also take the opportunity to be a “showman” (within reason, of course). You should appear excited and energetic, and be willing to use appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures. This is also true on telephone interviews, Even though the interviewer cannot see you, your excitement and energy (or notable lack of it) will come through your voice.

Answering questions is a prime opportunity to sell yourself. This is not a time to be shy about achievements or how others have praised you. You also want to show a personality that is outgoing, engaged and entertaining (within reason). Firms want to work with people who are good to work with.

How do you answer why do you want to join this law firm?

A career in Law is intellectually challenging, financially rewarding & personally fulfilling. For me personal fulfilment is most important. Law is also about rights, justice & understanding of human behaviour & society. I choose Law because it helps me in improving my standard of thoughts, skills & knowledge.

Why do you want this law firm interview answer?

Think about why these features matter to you – The important thing to remember when answering “Why this law firm?” is to really emphasise why a particular feature of the firm stood out to you, and to link it back to your own interests and experiences.

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