Who Played Mcgee’S Mother-In-Law On Ncis?

Who Played Mcgee
Patricia Richardson Patricia Richardson : Judy Price Fielding.

Who plays Timothy’s mother-in-law on NCIS?

Patricia Richardson plays McGee’s mother-in-law on NCIS – Who Played Mcgee CBS Patricia Richardson made her first appearance on “NCIS” in Season 19, Episode 7. In the episode, she plays Judy Price Fielding, the mother-in-law of NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray). When Judy first appears on-screen, she discovers a dead body while on a cruise.

  1. Later, when McGee arrives at the crime scene as part of the NCIS investigation, he is shocked to come face to face with his mother-in-law, who was sleeping with the victim of the homicide.
  2. While Judy is relieved to see McGee, she quickly tries to convince him to not tell her daughter, Delilah (Margo Harshman), about her romantic fling.

Of course, McGee is unwilling to agree to this request. McGee subsequently finds himself stuck between his wife, who is labeled a “helicopter daughter,” and his mother-in-law, who wants to remain as independent as possible after her husband’s recent death.

McGee struggles throughout the episode to mediate arguments between the two. In fact, when McGee attempts to resolve an early dispute between the mother and daughter, Judy’s condo explodes before their very eyes, which only further reinforces Delilah’s fears about her mother’s safety. Fortunately, Judy eventually helps the NCIS crew crack the case and find the person responsible for murdering her one-time lover.

McGee manages to convince the two to communicate better as well, telling his wife she needs to not worry so much and telling his mother-in-law that she needs to not be so secretive. Other than Timothy McGee himself, none of the McGee family members are series regulars on “NCIS,” but Margo Harshman’s Delilah has made 17 different appearances on the series since Season 11 (via IMDb ).

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Who is McGee’s mother?

Timothy “Tim” McGee
NCIS character
Sean Murray as Tim McGee in a promotional photo for NCIS.
First appearance ” Sub Rosa “
Portrayed by Sean Murray
Voiced by Paul Corning ( NCIS: The Video Game )
In-universe information
Full name Timothy Farragut McGee
Alias Thom E. Gemcity, Elf Lord, Mcgoo, Probie, a variety of nicknames starting with “Mc” and followed by a word related to the current events of the episode, Bambino (German)
Gender Male
Family Admiral John McGee (father, deceased) Mrs McGee (mother) Sarah McGee (younger sister) Penelope Langston (paternal grandmother) Admiral Nelson McGee (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Spouse Delilah Fielding
Children John “Johnny” McGee (son) Morgan McGee (daughter)
Nationality American
Career at NCIS
Position Acting Director (2022), Senior Field Agent, NCIS Major Case Response Team (2016–Present) Field Agent, NCIS Major Case Response Team (2004–2016) Probationary Field Agent, NCIS Norfolk Field Office (2003–2004)
Rank Senior Special Agent, Batman
Years of Service 2003–Present

Timothy Farragut “Tim” McGee () is a fictional character from the CBS television series NCIS, He is portrayed by Sean Murray, McGee specializes in cybersecurity and computer crime, and is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and MIT, Murray appeared as a guest star in eight episodes of the first season of NCIS ; in season two he joined the main cast and was added to the opening credits.

How did Delilah get paralyzed on NCIS?

An explosion severely injured Delilah and worried McGee. – Who Played Mcgee

Did McGee and Abby sleep together?

As McGee started working at NCIS headquarters, him and Abby started spending lots of time together both in and out of the office. They would find any excuse to be near each other at work, much to Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) annoyance at times, have dates at poetry nights and slept together in Abby’s coffin bed.

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Are Tim and Delilah still married on NCIS?

Delilah returns on NCIS – Delilah’s character is an employee of the Department of Defense. She is married to NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee. The on couple also has two kids, Morgan and John McGee II. Earlier, Delilah was more often spotted on the show.

  • Delilah’s character was first introduced during season 10’s episode, ‘Damned If You Do’.
  • Also Read | ‘NCIS Blood And Treasure’ Cast Season 18: Actors that were a part of latest episode However, she made her in-person debut during the ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ episode in the same season.
  • For Delilah’s return to NCIS 2020 cast, actor Margo Harshman will be spotted on upcoming episodes called ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Head of the Snake’.

These two NCIS episodes were slated to premiere as part of a double feature on January 19. NCIS is a spin-off show of JAG, Created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill, this show is considered as the second-longest-running scripted, non-animated U.S.