Who Plays Mcgee’S Mother-In-Law On Ncis?

Who Plays Mcgee
Patricia Richardson Patricia Richardson : Judy Price Fielding.

Who played McGee’s mother-in-law?

Meet McGee’s Mother-in-Law: ‘NCIS’ Guest Star Patricia Richardson on Her ‘Out-There Character’ Who Plays Mcgee Special Agent Timothy McGee’s () personal and professional lives collide in the November 8 episode of when it turns out that his mother-in-law, Judy Price Fielding (Patricia Richardson), is the one who found the victim in the team’s latest case. “This whole job has been a blast.

  1. What a great show to work on.
  2. I don’t know if an actor could ask for a better working environment,” Richardson raves to TV Insider.
  3. Her scenes took her to the sets for the Navy ships, McGee and Delilah’s () apartment, and NCIS.
  4. It’s a fun part except for the part where I have to see a dead body I just would love to play the character again because she’s so fun.” And while the highlights the comedic nature of her character — she’s more than willing to share as many intimate details as necessary with McGee, who would rather she not — there is some drama to Judy as well, which allowed Richardson to play something she particularly enjoys.

“What I most love doing as an actor is dramedies where you don’t expect there to be a moment of comedy or comedy where you don’t expect there to be a moment of drama,” she explains. “And I rode that line in a lot,” she continues. “In the middle of the comedy, we had some more serious scenes we were doing a comedy, but our fight would get maybe just a little too edgy or a little scary, but the audience gets a little nervous.

Then I storm off in a fury and then would nail them with a line that was funny and it would just release all the tension. And to me, that’s really the best of both worlds I think I’ve always loved it because the audience is off guard.” Richardson introduces us to Judy and teases her guest spot. Judy looks like so much fun just in the promo.

Patricia Richardson: She’s such a great character. She lies to her daughter all the time because her daughter is really overprotective. And so as a result of that, never lets her do anything. She’s always on her ass. So Judy lies to her all the time. Delilah never knows what she’s doing. Who Plays Mcgee Sonja Flemming/CBS So how does Delilah handle her mother being in the middle of a case? She’s pretty shocked. So is McGee. McGee is horrified. He can’t believe it. Delilah didn’t know Judy was on a cruise. She had no idea. So they have to first get past “Why didn’t you tell us about your going away on the cruise thing?” She has an adventure on the cruise.

  1. That of course brings McGee and to the cruise.
  2. She’s just caught red-handed lying to them she finds the victim’s body, and McGee goes to investigate it.
  3. He has no idea, “Where’s the person who found the body? Oh, it’s this woman Judy Price That’s my mother-in-law!” What’s it like for Judy to be involved in the case? First, she’s really just trying to lie her way out of it.

And then she’s kind of sad. She knew the guy. She’s a pretty out-there character, but — I don’t know how they cut it or what they used because I did many scenes different ways — there’s some “oh my gosh, I knew this guy, it’s disturbing, what has happened is really upsetting.” It’s such a great character because there are so many different things she goes through in the course of this happening. Who Plays Mcgee Sonja Flemming/CBS The promo also shows McGee and Judy in interrogation and she’s willing to share as many details as necessary She’s a free spirit. She has no shame is really indicative of her and him. I’m in the episode quite a bit. The first week I think I did every scene every day.

It’s a really great guest part. I’ve done some great guest parts, but I don’t know, I never even thought about this, whether it’s the best one I’ve done, but it’s certainly a wonderful part. As soon as I read it — because they just offered it to me and my manager called and said, “Oh it’s NCIS ” and I went, “Oh my God, that’s my favorite show.” I’m from a big military family, and everyone watches NCIS.

This is a huge family event now. I don’t know that I’ve ever done anything that became such a huge family event. What does Judy think of McGee and Delilah’s relationship? She totally adores him, and of course adores her daughter, loves both of them. She really appreciates McGee because he’s so helpful.

  • And preview Judy’s interactions with the rest of the team.
  • What does she think of her son-in-law’s colleagues? When I got there, I hadn’t watched this season and I didn’t know that had joined, and Katrina and I — one of the best I ever did was with Katrina and it was called Snow Bride,
  • She was so funny in that, wasn’t she great? And so when I saw her, I was like, “Katrina!” I’ve been following her on Instagram ever since.

So I’ve watched her have her baby and I had no idea she’d be there. So that was really cool, that I got to see her and she’s so gorgeous. And also I had a director who I’d worked with before. Michael Zinberg directed me in the episode that I did of with years ago. Who Plays Mcgee Sonja Flemming/CBS The team seems so amused by Judy in the interrogation scene in the promo. I think everybody really likes this character. People on the set are going, “Maybe they can put you with,” and I’m like, “I don’t think so. This character is pretty out there.

  • We don’t really know Gary that well yet, but this one is pretty out there for Gary.” That would be opposites attract.
  • I’d love to see McGee’s reaction to that. Yeah.
  • I kind of don’t see that just because of who he is and who this character is.
  • It’s such a fun character.
  • In the episode that I’m in, he talks about his divorce a little bit.

Related What was your favorite scene to film? My most difficult scene was the one we shot last, but it’s one of my earliest scenes. She’s upset. It’s one of those scenes where you walk the line between comedy and serious really carefully because there’s more than one thing happening.

That scene was kind of difficult to do, but I think it was a good scene and it’s towards the beginning and it’s really when you get to know her for the first time and in it and Sean is in it. It was a little bit tricky, but a really, really great and fun and challenging to do the whole thing. I have all these scenes back at the house too we’re dealing with this situation back at the home, conferring and there’s more stuff going on there.

And there’s another character that’s involved, which I won’t tell you about. NCIS, Mondays, 9/8c, CBS : Meet McGee’s Mother-in-Law: ‘NCIS’ Guest Star Patricia Richardson on Her ‘Out-There Character’

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Who plays Delilah’s mother Judy on NCIS?

‘NCIS’: Patricia Richardson Guest Stars as McGee’s Mother-in-Law (PHOTOS) Who Plays Mcgee Once again, a member of Special Agent Timothy McGee’s () family is caught up in the middle of a case on, (That’s how we previously met as his sister, as his father, and as his grandmother.) In the November 8 episode of the drama, “Docked,” the team investigates the death of a man on a cruise ship.

And, as the promo (below) reveals, it’s McGee’s mother-in-law, Judy (played by guest star Patricia Richardson), who discovers the body. Yes, that means is back as McGee’s wife, Delilah. (She was last seen in Season 18’s ) Related “We met on the second day of the cruise,” Judy tells McGee in interrogation, as the rest of the team — Alden Parker (), Nick Torres (), and Jessica Knight () — observes.

“One thing led to another” McGee gets it. “We were intimate with each other,” she continues. Again, he gets it. “Would it help the investigation if I went into more detail?” she asks.

Scroll down for a look at the photos for “Docked,” featuring Delilah and Judy joining McGee and the team in the bullpen. NCIS, Mondays, 9/8c, CBS

Who Plays Mcgee What has Kasie (Diona Reasonover) found? Who Plays Mcgee Patricia Richardson as Judy Price Fielding Who Plays Mcgee Knight (Katrina Law), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and Parker (Gary Cole) Who Plays Mcgee Who Plays Mcgee Delilah (Margo Harshman) and her mother, Judy Who Plays Mcgee Who Plays Mcgee Who Plays Mcgee “So, about your mother-in-law, McGee” : ‘NCIS’: Patricia Richardson Guest Stars as McGee’s Mother-in-Law (PHOTOS)

Is there a different actress playing Delilah on NCIS?

Margo Harshman plays Delilah Fielding on NCIS – Who Plays Mcgee CBS Actress Margo Harshman is the performer behind Delilah Fielding on “NCIS.” According to her IMDb profile, between 2013 and 2017, she has appeared in a total of 17 episodes on the beloved military procedural drama. Born in 1986, Harshman is an actress with numerous on-screen credits to her name, showing up across a wide range of film and television projects in numerous diverse genres.

Who is the mother in law on NCIS tonight?

Patricia Richardson : Judy Price Fielding.

Is McGee’s wife in a wheelchair in real life?

Is Margo Harshman really in a wheelchair? – Margo Harshman is back as Delilah McGee on the show NCIS as its season 18 commenced on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Harshman who has been a part of the show for a few years now, however, appears on screen only rarely.

Hence, when she came back on in the recent episode as her character went on vacation with her husband, special agent Timothy McGee and was seen paralysed, viewers wondered if Margo is paralysed in real life. And the answer to this question is No, she is not paralysed in real life. Margo only uses the wheelchair as a prop to support the storyline of her character who became paralysed in Season 11.

Delilah lost her ability to walk and landed upon a wheelchair after she was attending a gala that was attacked by a terrorist. Although fans and viewers are glad to have Delilah back on screen for this season. She has been mentioned several times on the show as Timothy talks about her but was rarely seen on screen.

Thus mentioning her felt unnatural and absurd as he was referring to someone who isn’t often seen. Also Read: Donald Trump Pardons Death Row Records Co-founder On Snoop Dog’s Request Another character on the show NCIS: New Orleans who uses a wheelchair is Patton Plame, who is portrayed by the actor Daryl Mitchell.

The actor has been a part of television and films for a very long time. However, Mitchell is paralysed in real life which was caused by a motorcycle accident in 2001. Also Read: Dakota Johnson Suffered A Panic Attack While Filming First Singing Scene Of ‘Our Friend’? Also Read: John Mulaney Investigated By Secret Services Due To His ‘SNL’ Monologue First Published: 20th January, 2021 21:44 IST

Why did Zena leave NCIS?

September 03, 2022 – 16:21 BST NCIS star Cote De Pablo left the show abruptly after ten years amid a sea of controversy – what really happened? When Cote De Pablo joined the NCIS franchise in season three as Special Agent Ziva David, fans were excited, albeit a little nervous about the new arrival.

However, the Chilean-American proved to be a hit and stayed with the show for more than eight years. MORE: NCIS: Hawaii: Everything you need to know about the new spin-off series So when she suddenly jumped ship in 2013, viewers were left confused and wondering what had happened. WATCH: Pauley Perrette’s style evolution revealed Cote didn’t immediately reveal why she made the decision, but in 2016 she opened up about her decision and said she didn’t like the plans they had for her character.

She explained: “Unfortunately because of political things and scripts not being good enough, I chose not to, MORE: Could NCIS actor Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo be returning for season 20? MORE: Did you know NCIS star Mark Harmon’s son also appeared in the series? “Look, I love this character! I worked for eight years crafting Ziva and when I felt like the character wasn’t being treated with the respect she deserved. Who Plays Mcgee Cote left the show abruptly “They were going to send back to Israel and make her an unfortunate, miserable woman. I didn’t think it was fair. I told them until someone can write something really fantastic for Ziva I won’t come back.” ORE: Meet NCIS star Sean Murray’s famous family – including daughter who also starred on the show MORE: Where are the stars who left NCIS now? Her co-star, David McCallum, wasn’t happy about the way Cotes went about it and told Digital Spy. Who Plays Mcgee Cote says she didn’t have a choice but to leave the show CBS executives insisted they didn’t want to see her go but added that it was “her decision,” to end her run on NCIS. Despite her initial statement, Cote, did return to the show in seasons 16 and 17 and later clarified that what she had initially said wasn’t exactly correct.

In a 2019 USA Today piece about the character’s brief return to the series, Cote spoke about her previous statement and said: “I think that was taken out of context at a certain point, and people start writing that to justify the idea of leaving. “But I didn’t leave because I wanted to go or because I was ready or because I was tired.

I didn’t really have an option.” Read more HELLO! US stories here Like this story? Sign up to our HELLO! Mail newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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Who is Tim’s wife on NCIS?

Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman) are two of the finest Feds to ever head into the field. They also happen to be one of the most adorable (and geekiest) couples on television. Click through for a look at the evolution of #McLilah’s (McGee + Delilah) relationship. Stream episodes of NCIS on CBS All Access. Who Plays Mcgee

Who is the mysterious woman in NCIS?

The Mysterious Redhead who brings Gibbs his glasses is played by Vivienne Bellisario who is Donald P. Bellisario’s wife and also the real-life mother of Sean Murray (Timothy McGee).

Who is the hot chick on NCIS Los Angeles?

Hot Girl
Portrayed by: Rachel Sterling
First Appearance
Last Appearance
List of Appearances

Who replaced Caitlin on NCIS?

Ziva first appeared in the season 3 premiere episode, ‘Kill Ari (Part 1)’, and became a regular cast member from the episode ‘Silver War’. She replaced Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd (Sasha Alexander), who was killed at the hands of Ziva’s half-brother, Ari Haswari (Rudolf Martin), in the season 2 finale.

How was Delilah written out of NCIS?

Delilah sustained a permanent injury due to a missile While attending a gala in Episode 12, ‘Kill Chain,’ terrorist Benham Parsa blew up the event with a missile attack.

Who replaced Pauley Perrette?

Who Plays Mcgee CBS Pauley Perrette was one of the most recognizable faces on “NCIS” for the 15 seasons she starred on the show as forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, Known for her jet-black pigtails and Gothic style of dress, Abby was energetic and outgoing despite her eerie appearance.

  • When Perrette exited the series, which is now in its 20th season on CBS, Diona Reasonover stepped in as Kasie Hines to take her place as forensic specialist for the NCIS.
  • It’s a task Reasonover admitted was “daunting” during an exclusive interview with Looper.
  • Still, five years later, Reasonover has made the role her own, leaning into the legacy left by Perrette by putting her own colorful twist on Kasie’s wardrobe and by being just as smart, charming, and friendly as Abby.

Reasonover spoke to Looper about what it was like picking up where Perrette left off and revealed whether she and Perrette have remained friends.

Who is the new dark haired girl on NCIS?

Katrina Law has become internationally known through the strong, diverse, and complex female characters she has brought to life on screen. Recently, she wrapped the lead in Crown Media’s A Family Through Christmas, segueing from her series lead in CBS’ award-winning action/drama series Hawaii Five-0,

  1. Previously, she starred for two seasons on Sony Crackle’s The Oath, alongside Sean Bean and Ryan Kwanten, and in the Independent features Apparition, directed by Quinn Saunders, and Death Valley, directed by T.J.
  2. Scott, as well as Zeroes directed by Charles Smith and Darkness Rising directed by Austin Reading.

Also, she starred in a pivotal role as Danny Glover’s right-hand woman in the Independent feature Checkmate directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. Law gained an extremely loyal global following for her recurring role as Nyssa Al Ghul, on The CW’s Arrow, She starred as the romantic lead in Hallmark’s Snow Bride directed by Bert Kish, which became one of Hallmark’s highest-rated movies and led to her starring again for Hallmark in 12 Gifts of Christmas, directed by Peter Sullivan.

She previously starred in the series Spartacus for Starz Network. Growing up, Law was enthralled with all things pertaining to the arts and excelled in dance and theatre. She attended The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where she received a B.A. in Theater. In addition to acting, she is the lead singer in a band called Soundboard Fiction, is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, has 30 years of dance training, and is trained in combat weapons by Taran Tactical.

She is Taiwanese, Italian, and German. Law supports a variety of charities, including Kitt Crusaders, Children’s Miracle Network, Variety Children’s Charity, BuildOn and The International Rescue Committee. Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, she currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Keith, and daughter, Kinley.

Are McGee and Abby friends in real life?

With Season 13 of NCIS underway, fans are eager to know how one of the most pivotal relationships is faring. Rest assured: Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) have nothing but love for one another. The actors appeared on The Talk Thursday with their arms around each other and huge smiles on their faces.

Just like on the show, the pair are great friends in real life. Not only do they hang out when they’re not filming, but they also enjoy surprising each other with fun, thoughtful gifts. Although, don’t expect Perrette to settle for fruit baskets. Watch full episodes of The Talk on CBS.com. “Pauley is the animal rescue queen,” Murray said to applause from the crowd before revealing a photo of the sweet rescue cat Perrette gave him earlier this year, which he named Abby.

“I love her to death.” Me and @SeanHMurray sharing a room at @TheTalkCBS Watch Today! pic.twitter.com/OBkIElZ9XE — Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) September 24, 2015 When asked about how their characters’ relationship has changed since the beginning of the series, both actors agreed that it organically seems to improve each season, crediting the growth to their own chemistry.

It’s been wonderful,” Murray said. “I mean, from the second I met Pauley, we had this sort of connection.” ” not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but they adore each other,” Perrette added, later noting that “You don’t have to be creepy when you’re somebody’s ex.” As they dove further into their NCIS world, both actors confessed that no one was more excited about the premiere than guest star Jon Cryer.

The former Two And A Half Men star has loved the naval drama since it first aired 13 years ago, and this season, he finally had the chance to join his favorite characters on screen. “He’s our biggest fanboy,” Perrette joked. Interested to see how Abby and McGee get along this season? Watch NCIS Tuesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

Do we ever see McGee’s twins on NCIS?

Remember McGee’s kids on ‘NCIS’? – Way back in Season 15, that year’s Thanksgiving episode really gave McGee and his pregnant wife Delilah (Margo Harshman) something to be thankful for. The big crime hullabaloo in that episode was being orchestrated by a Serbian arms dealer named Andre Yorka (Henri Lubatti).

  • MI5 managed to track him to the parking lot of a convenience store, presumably because even arms dealers want an irrationally large soft drink every once in a while.
  • Yorka was able to shoot and kill MI5 agent Nigel Ford (Max Bird-Rindell) before escaping.
  • McGee was called to the scene but left abruptly when he found out Delilah’s water broke three weeks sooner than it should have.
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Upon arriving at the hospital, McGee is shown to Delilah’s room by a sweet, retired park officer named Morgan Cade (Dan Lauria), who seems pleased as punch to be “working with” McGee. Because the world of NCIS is so small, McGee then runs into Yorka at the hospital while fetching a grape soda for Delilah.

Looks like Yorka got shot so the hospital visit makes more sense. Article continues below advertisement When McGee tasks Morgan Cade with keeping an eye on Yorka as he calls Gibbs ( Mark Harmon ), Yorka tries to make another run for it. While attempting to restrain him, Morgan is shot in the stomach. A hostage situation breaks out, on this the day of McGee’s children’s birth, and chaos ensues.

Eventually things are sorted and all the bad guys are handled. Meanwhile Delilah gives birth to twins who they name John, after McGee’s dad, and Morgan after, well, Morgan. And then we never saw them again. until Season 20 perhaps? Source: CBS Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman) in ‘NCIS’ Article continues below advertisement

Why is McGee’s wife Delilah in a wheelchair?

An explosion severely injured Delilah and worried McGee. – Who Plays Mcgee

Who played Timothy McGee’s grandmother?

Penelope Langston The line between McGee’s personal and professional life is blurred when NCIS uncovers a connection between his grandmother and the murder of a Navy lieutenant, on NCIS. Lily Tomlin (pictured) guest stars as Penelope Langston, McGee’s grandmother.

Is Tegan on NCIS McGee’s daughter?

Season 19 • Episode 19 – It’s a family affair in the latest NCIS, with series star Sean Murray ‘s daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, guest starring as Teagan, a teen Tim McGee bonds with during a case. In “The Brat Pack,” the team investigates after a series of break-ins at the Norfolk base end up being connected to the murder of an officer.

  1. As the episode begins, McGee’s worried about his four-year-old daughter because Morgan’s insisting on wearing a princess dress to school every day.
  2. And then when the team brings in the teens who broke into a house to throw a party, McGee starts worrying, “Is that where this is headed? One day your daughter’s wearing a princess dress, won’t take it off, next day, she’s committing felony trespassing?” But why are these break-ins NCIS’ case? The teens had to hack into the houses since the doors only unlock with QR codes that change every 20 minutes.

The hacker can’t be Noah (Daniel DiMaggio), the one who was caught on camera breaking into a house earlier and tries to claim it’s not him even though he’s wearing the same sweatshirt. As his mom (Brea Bee) puts it, “You’re not even smart enough to take off the clothes you committed a crime in.

  1. You’ve been wearing the same hoodie for a week.” (Again, McGee worries: “My God, that is how it starts.”) Noah points them to Teagan.
  2. McGee and Teagan bond over hacking and being military brats, and she insists that she’s the only one who knows the algorithm she used on the base.
  3. But then Jessica Knight ( Katrina Law ) informs McGee that there was another break-in the night before, while the kids were already in custody.

While McGee wants to give Teagan the benefit of the doubt, Knight reminds him she’s not a victim. And then she becomes a suspect when the house of that latest break-in explodes — with the owner, a lieutenant, inside. Who Plays Mcgee Sonja Flemming/CBS Teagan says she doesn’t know who the lieutenant is and gets defensive when he suggests she’s not being honest. Maybe he should listen to what his daughter wants, she says when he agrees there’s lot about kids he doesn’t get. Teagan admits she hacked the base serve to fit in after meeting Jayden, her boyfriend, on BratChat, a social media app for military kids.

The investigation leads them to a teen selling the lieutenant’s robot butler — and he’s Noah’s half-brother. He reveals that the teens were going to party at the lieutenant’s house next, and Teagan sent the invite. So she lied to McGee Plus, as they find out from Ernie ( NCIS: Hawai’i ‘s Jason Antoon), the shrapnel in the bomb came from an old artillery shell from WWI.

Teagan’s mother is an IED tech who specializes in just that area — and the lieutenant was about to deploy her to Latvia, meaning Teagan would’ve had to move again. She has motive and opportunity. And she escaped out her bedroom window when McGee went to talk to her.

  1. A conversation with Teagan’s mother reveals the teen never met Jayden in person, and Kasie figures out that someone’s been catfishing her.
  2. Metadata suggests he’s 40, not 15.
  3. They started talking three months ago, when the break-ins started.
  4. Recovering deleted messages between the two reveals that he talked her into hacking the server to break into houses and asked about her mom’s experience.

He’s the one who killed the lieutenant. And now he’s going to meet Teagan to tie up loose ends. Who Plays Mcgee Michael Yarish/CBS McGee, the Teagan Whisperer, is the one to approach her when the agents track her down and to tell her what’s really going on. She doesn’t want to believe him, since that would mean the one person who ever got her isn’t real. “I get you,” McGee tells her.

  1. He convinces her to listen to him and brings her to the NCIS van, where Teagan volunteers to be bait so they can capture “Jayden.” They refuse (obviously), but Teagan does help, by turning on his phone and turning the ringer all the way up so they can hear the beeps from her texts.
  2. Well done,” McGee tells her after Nick Torres ( Wilmer Valderrama ) and Alden Parker ( Gary Cole ) arrest him.

“Jayden” is really Jason Samuels. The lieutenant’s testimony sent him to prison for seven years after a hit-and-run. Teagan can’t believe she fell for it, but McGee tells her that if his daughter is anything like her when she grows up, he’ll be proud. And Teagan tells him his daughter’s lucky to have him as a dad because he’s a good listener.

Torres comments that he dressed up as Zorro ( yes, really! ) all the time as a kid. Parker really did his research before taking over as team leader. After all, he knows that Gibbs ( Mark Harmon ) “had a rule against,” he comments after the explosion. “But that rule 62? That man was ahead of his time.” McGee raises his eyebrow. “I do my homework,” Parker says. (Rule 62 is “Always give people space when they get off an elevator.”) Is it just us, or is Dr. Palmer ( Brian Dietzen ) jealous when it comes to Ernie asking about Knight? There was that date

NCIS, Tuesdays, 8/7c, CBS