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Though local governments often blame appraisal districts for high property taxes, they are responsible for taxes so high that they discourage investment and result in falling homeownership. Texas should restrain property tax growth and provide relief for every owner and not just favored businesses. The chief appraiser of taxing districts should be elected and all taxpayers should be able to challenge property exemptions so no one is improperly favored.


The “I” in ISD should mean that our local school districts are independent from Austin bureaucrats' centralized control. The Legislature should allow local school districts to use their own judgment regarding high-stakes testing, distance learning, and throw off the one-size-fits-all mindset. Further, parents should have access to the curriculum and have the authority to opt out of early and overt sex and racist CRT programs.


Legal immigration brings strength to our nation, but illegal immigration brings crime. Because the federal government is not protecting our border, Texas must act to prevent human and drug trafficking. Additionally, Texas must provide police with more force-on-force training so they can safely stop crime and protect the innocent. New helicopters to watch illegal immigration is no solution.


An ever-expanding state budget will never lead to long-term success, no matter how taxes are collected. According to the Texas Comptroller, Texas expenditures totaled for 2018-2020 was $247B, $266B, and $334.4B, respectively, for a budget growth rate exceeding 10% annually, though population growth is less than 5% year. Our budget should not expand so fast, and legislators should stop giving money to favored businesses who would come here anyway.


The recent pandemic revealed that Texas has over-regulated its small businesses unnecessarily. We should take the opportunity to reduce these regulatory burdens so Texas can recover from last year's lockdowns as quickly as possible.


While the new election law that the legislators passed has some benefits, legislators actually decreased the penalty for voter fraud! And this was no mistake; it was part of a needless compromise. We should have serialized paper ballots that allow for an actual auditable election, which is not possible today.


Texans should not be forced to choose between starvation and experimental drugs. Our state residents should be able to choose whether to accept vaccination on their own, with each person deciding for himself what risks to accept. Texas should act affirmatively to ensure that its residents have access and can take Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, or any other well-tolerated drug that has been found to be helpful in the fight against COVID-19. Due to COVID-19 fear-mongering, the Texas Legislature should act to protect employees from inappropriate vaccination mandates.


The Texas GOP has established a list of priorities that essentially make up a set of platform planks which every Republican should adopt. Warren has been publicly supportive of these planks since their inception, which include: 1) Election Integrity - addressed above; 2) Religious Freedom - to prohibit laws to enforce liberal ideology on businesses under threat of loss of business licenses; 3) Prohibit Child and Gender Modification - should have been handled, but the Texas Legislature let it die in committee; 4) Abolition of Abortion - Norred supports the new law, and has been debating on the pro-life side since the 1980s; 5) Constitutional Carry - after killing Con Carry in 2017, Norred's opponent voted against Con Carry for 18-20 year olds and against Con Carry in state parks even in the last session in the Permitless Carry Law passed; meanwhile, Norred has filed suits to protect open carry in Arlington and stop city gun grabs; 6) Monument Protection - Norred filed suits to assist this while his opponent posed with BLM protestors in downtown Weatherford a couple years back; 7) School Choice - Norred is on the Board for the ACA charter school and favors slow movement away from geographical assignment); 8) Ban of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying - Norred has favored movement toward such lobbying since former Sen. Burton opened a discussion on it years ago.

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